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Alchemy is the art of making different kinds of potions that can provide certain types of benefits to players or be used against mobs.

This skill can only be practiced by Shaman who have reached level 25.

Find our latest guide to mastering Alchemy below.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is acquire a medicine bag which is the container in which this tradeskill is practiced. There are several types of medicine bags. These are portable and kept in your inventory. There are also stationary containers that can be used to make combines.

Once you have your medicine bag, make your way over to Crescent Reach and seek out Alchemist Garai on the second floor of main building and complete the Freebie Tasks he offers. If you prefer, there are also Freebie quest versions for Alchemy offered in Abysmal Sea.

Skill Modifiers

If you're new to tradeskilling and aren't familiar with Tradeskill Modifiers, you can find many questions answered in this FAQ:

Now head over to West Freeport and pay a visit to Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs and get the Beginner Alchemist Test. This will give you the Beginner Alchemist Trophy, a skill modifier that will evolve to higher modifications as your skill increases.


  • Always get your trophy once your skill is 54. It will have the easiest items to make/ingredients to find.
  • You must equip your trophy to evolve it.
  • Your trophy will not evolve if you're attempting/making recipes that are more than 100 points away from your current skill level until you reach 250.
  • Your trophy will "catch up" quickly if you reach the next level before your trophy evolves.
  • Only successful combines will evolve your trophy.
  • General Information on Prophecy of Ro Trophy Quests

Alternatively you can acquire a Geerlok Alchemy Set from a tinkerer. That will add 5% to your base skill to help with successes. You must equip it in order to apply the boost to your base skill. The modifiers from the Trophy and the Geerlok do not stack. You will get the highest benefit between the two equipped items. Once you have evolved your trophy to Journeyman level, you no longer need the Geerlok.

Alternate Advancement Points

AAs for Alchemy are straight forward and follow the normal pattern as other tradeskills.

You do not need to purchase a level of New Tanaan Crafting Mastery to raise Alchemy past 200.

Skilling up 55 - 300

How you raise your skill from 55 to 300 can depend your tradeskill style. Some folks prefer to figure it out themselves and find things from the quick trivial list that are slightly above their current skill level, some will just pick a high trivial recipe and make those combines until they are maxed. Others seek advice from those who have gone before. Below you'll find a link to page with a suggested path and the quick trivial list. Use whichever meets your needs the best.

Skilling up 301 - 350

Skilling up past 300 requires the purchase of AAs which are level dependent. See the post above on AAs for details.

Also, raising your skill past 300 is achieved by learning unique alchemy recipes that "count" . There are 609 total recipes that count and you must learn approximately 564 of them to get to 350. You can learn the recipes before you've purchased the AAs, your skill will advance as soon as you buy the AAs.

Several players have created parsers that can help you track/assess your progress towards 350/recipe counts.

Original Alchemy Guides

Several of these guides originated on the late, great alchemy site, Belgar's Ultimate Guide to Alchemy. Prolific thanks to Belgar for maintaining alchemy for Norrath all that while, and for providing us his files and permission to use them freely.

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