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Becoming A Master Potter on 30pp Or Less

by Kury (E'Ci)

(DenMother's note: Since this guide was written, the price of firing sheets has dropped drastically, topping out at 4sp 2cp for HQ firing sheets. It may be worth firing items now, if funds are a concern. One of our message board members has written an update to this guide. I will get this guide updated as time permits)

Would you like to become a Master Potter in just over 4 hours, for less than 30 platinum? Here’s how I did it.

Since your Pottery books tell you how to make the items, let's skip to the good stuff. (If you need more information on that, just visit the main Pottery page.) All prices are with apprehensive faction with the merchants and a charisma of 45.

What I Bought
50 Medium JAR sketches
200 Medium BOWL sketches
1 water flask per sketch (summoned and foraged items don't work...grrr)
1 Medium block of clay per sketch
Don't worry about the firing sheets at this time. (Will explain shortly.)

What I Did
Start on the pottery wheel with the med JARS, continue till it becomes a trivial thing for you (You can't make med BOWLS till then). Next move to the med BOWLS and continue till you become a Master Potter. At this point you can move to the more profitable and nifty items.

Why No Firing Sheets?
Sheets are pricey, and you just never fail at the kiln. It’s best to destroy your successes since you’ll loose money if you fire up and sell the med JARS and BOWLS (at least I did).

My cost thus far has been:
50 med JAR sketches at 1s8c each
200 med BOWL sketches at 3s7c each
250 water flasks at 1s5c each
250 med block of clays at 6s each
For a grand total of: 27p5s.

But if I had bought a high quality firing sheet at 5g1c apiece for each success, the price would have shot through the roof.

Just learn the lay of the land, find your supplies and have fun.

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