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Tailoring is the art of working with pelts, hides, and silks to make armor, bags and other sundry items.

Armor has changed over the years starting with basic armors, moving on to specialty armors requiring special pelts and silks, progressing on to cultural armors and the latest releases require both smithing and tailoring skill to make tradeskilled armors.
The cultural armors are comprised of a complex itemization involving race and class combinations, deity based augmentations and specialized augmentations to bring more power and focus to the gear.
The modern era has simplified armors such that are only specialized by class and the methods for augmenting these new items is different than in the cultural era.

Tailored bags have also gotten bigger over the years, but those stalled out in size with the Rain of Fear expansion. They are still valuable, just more limited as compared to bags that can be acquired through drops, achievements or the station cash store.

Pursuing any skill in Tailoring will involve a significant amount of time and effort obtaining ingredients. There is no vendor path past 76. Though the introduction of the alternate quest system of Overseer has introduced another way to obtain tradeskill ingredients, what and how much is awarded related to each expansion is inconsistent.

Below, you’ll find our latest guide for learning the basic art of tailoring and advancing your skill to 300 and beyond should you wish to spend the Alternate Advancement points and pursue the Artisan’s Prize.

Getting Started

Tailoring can be performed in both stationary looms and portable sewing kits of varying sizes.
There are racial sewing kits that are needed if you want to make cultural armors in certain eras.
Lastly, there are a few highly specialized and other obsolete kits that don’t have a modern use. These are not listed below.

If you want to be able to make items while you’re out and about, not tied to a loom, start looking for a Deluxe Sewing Kit to keep handy for combines. Otherwise, you can carry a racial kit. You should be able to do most, if not all combines in a racial kit as well.

Stationary Looms Portable (Non-racial) kits Racial Kits

Once you decide what you want to do about a kit or a loom, make your way to Crescent Reach and seek out Tailor Nabirya on the second floor of the main building and complete the four tasks she offers.

This will raise your skill to 54 with no cost and give you these recipes for future benefit in you’re going to pursue the Artisan’s Prize.

If you prefer, there are also beginner tasks in Abysmal Sea. The mechanics of the quest in CR is better/easier/requires fewer net combines than the tasks in Abysmal Sea, but the option does exist.

You are not required to complete the freebie quests, you are also welcome to jump right in and start making combines and skilling up!

Skill Modifiers:

If you are new to tradeskilling and aren’t familiar with Tradeskill Modifiers, you can find many questions answered in this FAQ:

General Information on Trade Skill Modifiers
After you’ve raised your skill to 54, head over to West Freeport and pay a visit to Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs.

Hail her to obtain the Beginner Tailor Test. Completing this task will give you the Beginner Tailoring Trophy, a skill modifier that will evolve to higher percentage modifications as your skill increases.

Prophecy of Ro Tailoring Trophy Quests
General Information on Prophecy of Ro Trophy Quests

Your trophy will progress through various stages. If you happen to not heed our advice and acquire the beginner trophy while your skill is under 100, you will be assigned a Trophy Task that matches your current skill level.

  • Always get your trophy once your skill is 54. It will have the easiest items to make/ingredients to find.
  • You must equip your trophy to evolve it.
  • Only successful combines of recipes with a higher trivial than your current skill will evolve your trophy.
  • Your trophy will not evolve if you're attempting/making recipes that are more than 100 points away from your current skill level until you reach 250.
  • Your trophy will "catch up" quickly if you reach the next level before your trophy evolves (for example, your skill has reached 250, but your trophy is only 80% in 3/7 – you should gain the next 20% very rapidly until your trophy evolves to 4/7, at which point the evolution speed will return to normal).
  • Your trophy will not evolve in the next level until your skill catches up (for example, if your trophy evolves to 4/7 before your skill reaches 250, it will stay at 0% evolved until your skill reaches the next level).

Alternatively, there are a few other notable skill modifiers available. Aside from the shears, the Prophecy of Ro Trophy will offer better skill modifiers once it evolves to the expert level and beyond.

Alternate Advancement Points:

Each of the basic seven tradeskills can be raised to 200 without spending any Alternate Advancement points.
One skill may be raised past 200 without spending any Alternate Advancement points.

New Tanaan Crafting Mastery
Required to raise each additional skill past 200.
This is on the General Tab and costs 3 AA Points each.
If you have already raised one skill past 200, you will need to purchase at least one rank to raise Tailoring past 200.

Tailoring Mastery
Ranks 1 - 3 will reduce the chances your combine will fail by an increasing amount with each rank.
Ranks 4 – 13 will allow you to take your base skill from 300 to 350 in 5 point increments. This is needed to max the Artisan’s Prize.
This is on the General Tab and each rank costs a different amount.

Give you an increasing chance to recover an ingredient that would otherwise be lost in a failed combine.
This is on the General Tab and each rank (total of six) costs 5 AA points.

Complete Details of Alternate Advancement Points for Tailoring

Skilling up 55 – 300

Increasing your skill from 0 – 300 involves making recipes (can repeat the same recipe until it is trivial) where the trivial is above your current, unmodified skill level.

This can be lots of high trivial combines of a single recipe with high volumes of early failures, or it can be small batches of combines of recipes closer to your current skill level to increase the chances of a successful combine.

Your skill can evolve on both failures and successes, but when your skill increases is at the mercy of the randomness of the game mechanics.
Early on, while your skill is low, you are likely to experience rapid advancement of your tailoring skill.
As your skill increases, the speed of skill ups is sure to slow even though you may experience small bursts of successive skill ups followed by hundreds of combines without any increase.

How you approach skilling up is a very personal choice, there is no single right approach.
It will be driven by your personal style, the ingredients you have on hand or can acquire through game play or what’s on offer in the bazaar if you have more platinum than time.

In March 2020, Everquest introduced a new feature: Overseer. This is an alternate quest system available to characters that are at least level 85 and some of the quests have a reward set that includes various Tradeskill items. This can be an easy way to acquire ingredients from non-current expansions.

Skilling up 301 – 350

Raising your skill from 301 to 350 is completely different than raising it from 0 – 300.
To advance your tailoring skill at this level, you must learn unique tailoring recipes that “count”.

If you are new to raising a tradeskill from 301 – 350 check out the article Skilling Up 301 to 350: The Basics

Recipes that count 2,340
Recipes Required to reach 350 2,078
Recipes learned from books 1,492
Recipes to learn manually 586

Books to scribe:

NOTE: For some of the books listed below, a minimum, unmodified skill may exist to see the books on the vendor.

Classic Tailoring guides for posterity

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