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Costs of Fletching

This page is out of date, with no plans to update it. It is left here for reference, but lacks many good skillup options from more recent expansions.

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Costs listed are using best charisma and faction. They are listed in platinum pieces in decimal form preceded by a dollar sign: $9.524 would mean 9pp 5gp 2sp 4cp.

Arrow Combination ListBow Combination List

Arrow Part Costs
Arrowhead Trivial Cost Cost/20
field point 16 $0.005 $0.105
hooked 102 $0.315 $6.300
silver 182 $3.990 $79.800
Arrow Shaft Trivial Cost Cost/20
wooden 16 $0.005 $0.105
bone 68 $0.079 $1.575
ceramic 135 $1.155 $23.100
steel 202 $2.835 $56.700
Fletch Trivial Cost Cost/20
round cut 16 $0.005 $0.105
parabolic cut 46 $0.026 $0.525
shield cut 82 $0.189 $3.780
wooden vane 122 $0.682 $13.650
bone vane 162 $1.365 $27.300
ceramic vane 202 $2.782 $55.650
Nock Trivial Cost Cost/20
large groove 16 $0.005 $0.105
medium groove 36 $0.016 $0.315
small groove 56 $0.042 $0.840
Bow Part Costs
Bow Staff Trivial Cost
Hickory 16 $0.211
Elm 68 $2.110
Ashwood 129 $15.750
Oak 168 $69.300
Darkwood 215 $226.800
Shadewood >250 $359.100
String Trivial Cost
hemp twine 16 $0.010
linen string 32 $0.021
silk string 46 $0.052
Tool Trivial Cost
whittling blade 102 $2.110
planing tool 148 $10.710
Standard Bow Cams Trivial Cost
single 192 $37.800
compound (2) 235 ($75.600)
Miscellaneous Costs
Item Cost
Fletching Kit $1.050
Fletching (book) $0.105
A Bowyer's Guide (book) $0.105
Arrow Shaft Mold $0.010

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