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PoP: Aid Grimel Quest - Jewelcraft

Skill requirement: 220 Jewelcraft skill.

Flag requirement: Saryrn.

At this point, Grimel will give you Etching Dust and ask that you make him a new ring from the previous signet. You will need to head to Velious to gather some velium bars that are needed, and will also need to head to Eastern Wastes and locate Tain Hammerfrost in order to procure a Coldain Smithy Hammer. After combining, you will get a rather tempting Velium Blue Diamond Ring with Enduring Breath on it to hand in--and NOT have returned--for a Wooden Signet and some experience.

Original text:

You say, 'I would like to put my jewel craft skills to the test.'

Aid Grimel says 'My hand was crushed when I used it to deflect a blow from a War Boar that was headed towards Taldarius's back. For some time afterwards my hand was crippled but Brell saw to it I regained full use of it. The ring I used to wear was damaged beyond repair and my hand was never steady enough to etch a new one. If you would make me a new one by combing a mounted blue diamond, the etching dust and etching tools in a planar jewelry kit. Then take the faceted gem and combine it with a bar of pure enchanted velium and my signet. I have no idea how the pure bars are made. You may want to seek the help of the ice dwarves.'

Going to Velious and in Thurgadin, hail Meg Tucter with the appropriate trigger text for a clarifying response.


You say, 'What bar of pure enchanted velium?'

Meg Tucter says 'Wow that is an odd request ____. Very rarely do we make an item that requires a pure bar of metal. Pure enchanted velium bars are made by combing three enchanted velium bars in a forge along with a coldain velium temper, pure water and a Coldain smithy hammer. Tis quite expensive but it enables the crafter to obtain pure working materials.'

Meg also gives you the Etching tools.

You say, 'I need a set of Etching Tools'

Meg Tucter says 'Oh, really? There are not many that work in faceting gems. I am surprised to see your interest. You can have this old set of mine. If you are working with Royal Velium and want to give it to someone else, you can use these etching tools and your jewelers kit to engrave the piece for them. Be careful though, because once the armor is engraved you cannot remove it and it will be useless to the Dain. There is no need to return the tools, Talem recently made me a new sturdy set. Brell bless him.'

Hand in the velium blue diamond ring in order to receive the wooden signet:

Aid Grimel grins. 'Quite a nice ring you have made for me ____. May it serve me as well as my old ring. Here take this signet. We seem to be finishing the tasks on my list at a nice pace. Tell me when you are ready to use some clay.'

Item Statisitics:

Velium Blue Diamond Ring
AC: 10
Effect: Enduring Breath
HP: +65   MANA: +65   Endurance: +65   
SV FIRE: +5   SV DISEASE: +5   SV COLD: +5   SV MAGIC: +5   
SV POISON: +5   
WT: 0.1   Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot type 7:empty

Wooden Signet
Slot: EAR
AC: 6
STR: +6   STA: +6   WIS: +6   INT: +6   HP: +20   MANA: +20   
Endurance: +20   
WT: 1.5   Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot type 7:empty

Items given to you by Grimel:

Etching Dust
WT: 0.1   Size: SMALL
Class: NONE
Race: NONE

Items given to you by Meg:

Etching Tools
WT: 0.5   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL


Celestial Essence
Components: Celestial Solvent, High End Research component
In: Mixing Bowl (portable), Collapsible Mixing Bowl (Baking Trivial no-fail)

Purified Water
Components: Celestial Essence, Water Flask(2)
In: Brew Barrel, Tanaan Brew Barrel, Portable Drink Barrel, Collapsible Distillery (Brewing Trivial 58)
Yield: 1

Mounted Blue Diamond
Components: Blue Diamond, Velium Bar(2)
In: Jeweler's Kit, Planar Jeweler's Kit, Collapsible Jeweler's Kit, Reinforced Jeweler's Kit
Notes: Does not count towards 350
(Jewelcraft Trivial 16)
Yield: 1

Faceted Blue Diamond
Components: Etching Dust, Etching Tools, Mounted Blue Diamond
In: Planar Jeweler's Kit, Collapsible Jeweler's Kit, Reinforced Jeweler's Kit, Jewelry Making Table (Placeable), Jewelry Making Table, Guild Jewelry Making Table (Placeable)
Also Returns: Etching Tools(1)
On Failure Returns: Etching Tools (Jewelcraft Trivial 279<x<=300)
Yield: 1

Pure Enchanted Velium Bar
Components: Coldain Smithing Hammer, Coldain Velium Temper, Enchanted Velium Bar(3), Purified Water
In: Forge, Tanaan Forge, Forge - Floor (Placeable), Forge - Standing (Placeable), Guild Forge (Placeable)
Also Returns: Coldain Smithing Hammer(1)
On Failure Returns: Coldain Smithing Hammer
Notes: This recipe is not learned after making it.
(Smithing Trivial 250<x<=300)
Yield: 1

Note, the Coldain Smithy Hammer is obtained through Coldain Ring Quest # 4 (Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring)

Velium Blue Diamond Ring
Components: Clay Signet, Faceted Blue Diamond, Pure Enchanted Velium Bar
In: Jeweler's Kit, Planar Jeweler's Kit, Collapsible Jeweler's Kit, Reinforced Jeweler's Kit, Jewelry Making Table (Placeable), Jewelry Making Table, Guild Jewelry Making Table (Placeable)
On Failure Returns: Clay Signet
Notes: EQRecipeID: Does not count towards 350

(Jewelcraft Trivial 250<x<=300)
Yield: 1

Note, the Clay Signet is obtained through Aid Grimel - Part 2, Brewing Quest

Introduction Part 1: Smithing Part 2: Brewing Part 3: Jewelcraft Part 4: Pottery
Part 5: Tailoring Part 6: Fletching Part 7: Baking Final Reward Shopping List

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