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Crestra's Earring: Details of the Sky

Details of the Sky

This is the second quest in a series of six that use tradeskills to obtain a nice ear item in the Ring of Scale expansion. The quest line revolves around Crestra who is found in The Overthere [RoS] on the docks at +2392, +1778.

You must have 300 in all related skills (200 fishing) in order to attempt the combines in this quest line.

You must have completed Here or Over There? to request this task.

You say, ‘Hail, Crestra’

Crestra says, 'While this is great work, I think there is more we can do. I hope you don't find anything useful in the next region because I barely want to think about it. Are you willing to continue to assist me and scout in [Skyfire]?'

You say, 'Skyfire'

You have been assigned the task 'Details of the Sky'.

Find locations that Crestra might find interesting.

Head to Skyfire Mountains and start scouting. Remember, you can use /waypoint to set specific X locations on your map to find specific spots faster.

Explore the Overthere (-820, -2500 in the southeast part of the zone)
Explore Gorowyn (3100, -1900 in the northeast part of the zone)
Explore Scorched Woods (-2740, 2000 in the southwest corner of the zone)
Explore South East Dragon Orb (-2200, 3500 in the southeast corner of the zone)
Explore North East Dragon Orb (2500, -1400 in the northeast part of the zone)
Explore South West Dragon Orb (orb at the port in, inside the outpost)
Explore Eastern Dragon Skull of Western Cluster (1500, 2600 in the northwest part of the zone)
Explore Northern Dragon Skull Western Cluster (2315, 3756 in the north west part of the zone)
Explore Western Dragon Skull of Western Cluster (1550, 4384 on the west center border)
Explore Southern Dragon Skull (-2115, 645 in the south center part of the zone)
Explore Dragon Graveyard (-1200, 1500 in the southwest part of the zone, east of the port in)
Explore Cave Entrance (-262, 4065 on the southwest border north of the port in)
Explore Veeshan's Peak Entrance (2500, 2100 in the northwest part of the zone)

Once you have finished scouting, head back to The Overthere and speak with Crestra

Converse with Crestra about what you found [scouting] in Skyfire
You say, 'scouting'

Crestra says, 'Lets start with the worst. What sort of [dragon iconography] did you find?'

You say, ' There is not as much dragon iconography as you might think, There are three great statues of dragons holding up orbs, and on a related note a dragon graveyard, and four skulls of dragons.'

Crestra says 'I find it comforting that dragons can die. I wonder if they can survive after death like our gods. But that's not important.' Al shivers then continues, 'Scary to think about, but not important. What about caves and [ways out of the area]?'

You say, 'There is a cave system on the west side of the area, filled with stone creatures. The ways out of the area lead to, of course, Overthere, as well as Scorched Woods, Gorowyn, Skyfire, and while it may be better phrased as deeper in instead of a way out, Veeshan's Peak.'

Crestra says, 'Thanks for your thorough examination. What type of [horrible beasts] did you find?'

You say, 'It's not too bad, though the drakes are a bit dangerous, bombing people from the sky. There are gnawers, fire elementals, chromadracs, golems and stone based creatures, mummies, ratmen, sarnak, wurms, and wyverns. Believe it, or not, there are vampires. Of course there are a few other beings, but they are sparse.'

Your task 'Details of the Sky' has been updated.

Crestra appreciates the assistance and would like you to evaluate the creatures in Skyfire next.

Crestra says, 'Thank you for the detailed report. Since you didn't see any living dragons, I feel it's reasonable to send you back in the [evaluate a few] specific creatures in Skyfire.'

212 platinum 5 gold
You gain experience!

This unlocks the next quest in line, Weight of the Sky.

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