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Crestra's Earring: Weight of the Sky

Weight of the Sky

This is the third quest in a series of six that use tradeskills to obtain a nice ear item in the Ring of Scale expansion. The quest line revolves around Crestra who is found in The Overthere [RoS] on the docks at +2392, +1778.

You must have 300 in all related skills (200 fishing) in order to attempt the combines in this quest line.

Crestra says, 'Thank you for the detailed report. Since you didn't see any living dragons, I feel it's reasonable to send you back in the [evaluate a few] specific creatures in Skyfire.'

You say, 'That sounds fun. I'll evaluate a few of the monsters in Skyfire.'

You have been assigned the task 'Weight of the Sky'.

Crestra says, 'Thank you for being so helpful. So, I'll note the creatures of interest in your journal. Once you have examined them, please tell me about the [beasts] you killed.'

Kill 1 Devourer 0/1 Skyfire Mountains
Kill 1 Fae Drake 0/1 Skyfire Mountains
Kill 1 Drake 0/1 Skyfire Mountains
Kill 1 Elemental 0/1 Skyfire Mountains
Kill 1 Magmite or Volcanite 0/1 Skyfire Mountains
Kill 1 Ratman 0/1 Skyfire Mountains
Kill 1 Sarnak 0/1 Skyfire Mountains
Kill 1 Vampire 0/1 Skyfire Mountains
Kill 1 Wurm 0/1 Skyfire Mountains

Once you have killed all those beasts, go back to Crestra.

Converse with Crestra about the [beasts] you killed.

You say, 'beasts'

Crestra says, 'As described to me by others, the devourer is rather odd looking. I think they are called [gnawers] in Skyfire?'

You say, 'The gnawers are rather odd creatures. They float about, probably with magic, and are basically a mouth and a tail. There may be some value to their teeth, perhaps their tail, but I'm not real sure.'

Crestra says, 'Those do sound odd. As do the [chromodracs].'

You say, 'The chromodracs do look like drakes with dragonfly wings. Of course the wings make them special, and they have use for things you want to be semitransparent. And of course they have scales, teeth, and claws'

Crestra says, 'The wings sound pretty as well. Drakes are [related to dragons] aren't they?'

You say, 'In broad terms I suppose they are related to dragons. But more like distant relatives in the animal kingdom. Their useful times are about the same as the chromadracs, but their wings are more bat-like, so will have a different use.'

Crestra says, 'Do [fire elementals] have any substance to their bodies? Or are they only fire?'

You say, 'Yes. Though it is liquid rock, magma. Sometimes you can get an essence of fire elemental from them that has many uses.'

Crestra says, 'The [large stone creatures]. Are they like the golems in Overthere?'

You say, 'Hah. That they are. Large stone creatures. Their general origin is similar to those in Overthere. They are constructed by magic, or spontaneously from because of concentrations of magic. The ones in Skyfire tend to have an element of magma, or at least extreme heat.'

Crestra says, 'So, your rat problem is so large Norrath has [humanoid rats]?'

You say, 'Many people call them Chetari. But they are actually not seen in as many places as, well, rats. They are humanoid and, of course, have fur and interesting whiskers. The whiskers could work as something between thread and wire.'

Crestra says, 'The Sarnak are fairly ubiquitous, so we don't need to speak about them, unless they [have something special] in this region?'

You say, ' Nope. They don't have anything special.'

Crestra says, 'Great. And vampires. I thought [vampires] didn't get along so well with fire. Why would they be in a region like Skyfire?'

You say, 'The vampires seem to be doing something with the bones of a dragon. Since they are mostly dead humanoids, I'm not sure there is anything interesting about them other than perhaps their blood and fangs.'

Crestra says, 'Yeah. I can see them. The Wurms. From what has been described to me they seem like [flightless dragons]. Are they nearly as dangerous?'

You say, 'No, Not at all. They are only animal intelligence, and though they are large and tough, they are nowhere near as dangerous as a dragon. You know, I never really thought of them as flightless dragons, but more like giant lizards. But I can see your perspective. I'm not sure they have anything about them more useful than their scales.'

Crestra says, 'Okay. I think I have a handle on what I need. Here are some instructions for an [ornate earring].'

You say, 'What's needed for an ornate earring?'

You have learned the recipe Crestra 's Ornate Earring!
Your task 'Weight of the Sky' has been updated.

Collect 1 Drake Wing Scale(s) 0/1 The Overthere
Collect 1 Ratman Fur(s) 0/1 The Overthere
Collect 1 Lava Wurm Bile(s) 0/1 The Overthere
Collect 1 Scorching Golem Mud(s) 0/1 The Overthere

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