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The Artisan's Wares

This quest is a pre-requisite for The Artisan's Prize.

This quest starts in Halas with Lebounde ab Dolmen. He wanders around Halas between 5am and 7pm game time. Between 7pm and 5am, Lebounde ab Dolmen is sleeping in a locked building and you cannot access him.

For this quest you'll need to venture all over Norrath to pick up 16 ground spawns that Lebounde ab Dolmen has requested.

You do not get a 'Quest Journal' entry to track your progress on this one.

There are reports that attempting to skip the hailing steps could make the quest not work correctly for you.

You are strongly encouraged to download and use either Brewall's or Goodurden's maps. They will already have the ground spawn locations marked for you.

You say, 'Hail, Lebounde ab Dolmen'

Lebounde ab Dolmen says 'Gooddeh t' yeh, friend.

This is all he says at first. Hand him one of the required items.

Upon handing in one of the required items:

Lebounde ab Dolmen thanks you gratefully, 'A fine thing yeh did in findin' this. If yeh find anythin' else they took from meh, make haste back with it.'

You receive a Scribbled Directions (a readable book describing the lost item locations).

Hail Lebounde ab Dolmen again.

You say, 'Hail, Lebounde ab Dolmen'

Lebounde ab Dolmen says 'Gooddeh t' yeh, friend. Wouldn't happen t' be lookin' fer [work], would ye?

You say, 'I'm looking for work.'

Lebounde ab Dolmen says 'Could use help finidin' some of meh lost equipment. Yeh see, a group of thugs ran off with most of it, left meh with nothin' but a handful of riddles. Bandits ain't never made much sense t' meh, but maybe yeh'll have some luck decipherin' meanin' outta this.'

1. Deliver Outcast's Coal - "above the yakmen where the guilty hide"

Outcast Coal: Icewell Keep (Plane of Knowledge > Great Divide > Thurgadin > Icewell Keep. After entering Thurgadin, drop down into the area under the first bridge and enter Icewell Keep from that zone line. You'll be in the tunnels and can just head west. It's by a Great Divide zone line.

Copy and paste the location into the thurgadinb_3.txt map. P -881.8168, -12.8408, -24.8417, 99, 0, 255, 1, Outcast's_Coal

2. Deliver Timeless Oil - "West of Maelin standing between VI and V."

Timeless Oil: Plane of Innovation (Plane of Knowledge > Plane of Tranquility > Plane of Innovation) - Someone in your group MUST have a Quintessence of Elements ON THEIR PERSON and someone in your group must be flagged for the factory. Go left after zoning in to the factory and locate Chronographer Muon. The person with the Quintessence should hail him and tell him yes. This will port you and your group into next room. The Oil is in the west cubby.

Copy and paste the location into the poinnovation_3.txt map. P -1084.7336, 833.7087, -1884.4360, 93, 0, 255, 1, Timeless_Oil in

3. Deliver Lava Gem - "through the eye and the lair, past the gatekeeper"

Lave Gem: The Caverns of Exile (Sol-C) (Plane of Knowledge > Nektulos Forest > Lavastorm Mountains > Nagafen’s Lair > The Caverns of Exile). Zone into Nagafen's Lair (Sol-B) and make your way south to The Caverns of Exile zone line (stay in the lava when zoning in or you go to Sol-A). In The Caverns of Exile, head south, west then north to the farthest north area. Looks like an apple at (900, -430, 5)

Copy and paste the location into the oldungc_3.txt map. P 430.2330, -901.1746, -0.4782, 109, 0, 255, 1, Lava_Gem

4. Deliver Kuuan Light - "Atop the heart of the Kuuan spire."

Kuuan Light: Harbinger's Spire (Plane of Knowledge > Dranik’s Scar (Priest of Discord) > Harbinger’s Spire) – Proceed forward to the center of the zone and start making your way to the top floor. It is literally on the top of the spire. You must have levitate on, once you've made your way to the top of the room, levitate over to the spire on the SE side, facing NW, look up and shimmy your way up to the top. loc (205, -1450, 675)

Copy and paste the location into the harbingers_3.txt map. P 1450.6029, -202.9220, 671.9164, 103, 0, 255, 1, Kuuan_Light

5. Deliver Blood Clay - "a nightmare under the disarmed ocean lord"

Blood Clay: Erudin Burning (Plane of Knowledge > Feerrott, The Dream > Lower House of Thule > Erudin Burning) – Towards the back of the zone. Paladin guild, upper floor, blood pool on left. loc (-1255, -50, 48). Look down from above watch for hole in moving liquid. This one can be tricky to pick up, if having trouble try moving away from it slightly rather than being right on top of it.

Copy and paste the location into the fallen_3.txt map. P 50.5516, 1255.6361, 47.0982, 99, 0, 255, 1, Blood_Clay

6. Deliver Iridescent Frond - "obscured by fog, where dawn strikes alaris"

Iridescent Frond: Beasts' Domain (Guild Hall > Argath, Bastion of Illdaera > Beasts’ Domain) East side of the zone in the tube like pathways - currently a dead end. loc ( -1750, -1375, 0). A bright green leaf on the ground, tucked up behind another plant right next to the wall.

Copy and paste the location into the beastdomain_3.txt map. P 1379.7740, 1745.1154, -4.4437, 99, 0, 255, 1, Iridescent_Frond

7. Deliver Questionable Cheese - "impaled, neither rat, gopher, nor maggot"

Questionable Cheese: Clan RunnyEye (Plane of Knowledge > Rivervale (Misty Thicket) > Clan Runneye) - Level 4 (bottom floor) from the water terminus/origin, go through the double doors to the east, turn right and it's on top of one of the spikes loc ( -43, -70, -128). Old eqatlas.ca maps can be very helpful in old, multi-layered zones like RunnyEye.

Copy and paste the location into the runnyeye_3.txt map. P 68.7316, 41.0624, -130.3631, 99, 0, 255, 1, Questionable_Cheese

8. Deliver Icy Rune - "Where a frozen king's servant scrys"

Icy Rune: Permafrost Keep (Plane of Knowledge > Halas (Everfrost) > Permafrost Keep) – Scryer’s Room. From the zone in run through the zone keeping to paths to the right. As the path turn south, go through the door and around to the right. As you come to the next room heading east, go through the door and continue east. Back of scryers room.

Copy and paste the location into the permafrost_3.txt map. P 607.5514, -182.8284, 1.5428, 99, 0, 255, 1, Icy_Rune

9. Deliver Royal Linens - "a frog surrounded by snakes under the court of a king"

Royal Linens: High Keep (Plane of Knowledge > Crescent Reach (Blightfire Moors) > Highpass Hold > High Keep) - Enter the main keep, stay on same level. South side halfway in are 3 rooms. Center room has a box on the bed. loc (-105, -250, 5)

Copy and paste the location into the highkeep_3.txt map. P 250.8352, 103.1590, 3.7962, 103, 0, 255, 1, Royal_Linens

10. Deliver Irresistible Lure - "A vase at the Top of the World"

Irresistable Lure: Highpass Hold (Plane of Knowledge > Crescent Reach (Blightfire Moors) > Highpass Hold) - Top of the World Bar (west central area of the zone). Use main entrance, opposite Maigin Greyeagle, top shelf inside vase. loc (235, 603, 48). You will need some lev to be able to get up high enough to look down into the vase.

Copy and paste the location into the highpasshold_3.txt map. P -603.9972, -233.8661, 46.6986, 103, 0, 255, 1, Irresistible_Lure

11. Deliver Blood Suspension - "A crimson pool near a blue pawn"

Blood Suspension: Clan Crushbone (Plane of Knowledge > Kelethin (Greater Faydark 2) > Crushbone) - enter the keep and drop right into that fountain of blood to the bottom loc ( 78, -20, -45)

Copy and paste the location into the crushbone_3.txt map. P 21.1915, -78.6416, -46.4667, 99, 0, 255, 1, Blood_Suspension

12. Deliver Worn Chisel - "a cold fall from my forge"

Worn Chisel: Halas (Plane of Knowledge > Halas (Everfrost) > Halas) - Eastern half of the zone, center of all the buildings, bottom of well. loc ( 185, -212, -128)

Copy and paste the location into the halas_3.txt map. P 211.8415, -185.0195, -130.4342, 96, 0, 255, 1, Worn_Chisel

13. Deliver Cursed Arrowheads - "where the haggle baron does not sleep"

Cursed Arrowhead: Dalnir (Plane of Knowledge > Overthere > Warslik Woods > Dalnir). As you zone in, move forward following through the tunnel. At your first T, turn right, hug the wall, and turn left when you get the next opening. Run through the tunnel and you’ll come up to the building. Run through the building to the room where there is a well, jump in well and go to level 2. Turn south and go forward (mind the fake floor, you want levitate), it’s behind the coffin (-52, -754, -94).

Copy and paste the location into the dalnir_3.txt map. P 753.8333, 51.6732, -96.4215, 96, 0, 255, 1, Cursed_Arrowheads

14. Deliver Sweat-Stained Headband - "A foundry in a delve past the lair."

Sweat-Stained Headband: Tirranun's Delve (Plane of Knowledge > Nektulos Forest > Lavastorm Mountains > Lavaspinner’s Lair > Tirranun’s Delve) - West section of the map, southern room, behind the center forge loc (586, 356, 4)

Copy and paste the location into the delveb_3.txt map. P -357.2279, -585.0943, 1.3606, 99, 0, 255, 1, Sweat-Stained_Headband in

15. Deliver Oily Gear - "beneath a skull where oil flows like water"

Oily Gear: Meldrath's Majestic Mansion (Plane of Knowledge > Ak’Anon (Steamfont) > Dragonscale Hills > Fortress Mechanotus > Meldreth’s Majestic Mansion) - main entry, stay on same level and head north into the next room with the pool half oil/water. In the oil loc (225, 16, 6). This is another one that can be tricky to pick up. Some have reported needing to shrink/take off lev to see/get to it – you can also just try backing up and coming at it from a different angle.

Copy and paste the location into the mansion_3.txt map. P -13.6344, -228.8613, 5.5776, 96, 0, 255, 3, Oily_Gear

16. Deliver Eerie Ore - "where the caged struggle and the crazed mine"

Eerie Ore: Torgiran Mines (Plane of Knowledge > Gulf of Gunthak > Dulak’s Harbor > Torgiran Mines) – from the Dulak’s Harbor zone line, run forward, take your first right, follow the tunnel forward (no more turns into other tunnels) and it’s on the ground near a left hand tunnel. loc (40, -700, 0)

Copy and paste the location into the torgiran_3.txt map. P 404.5580, -79.5711, 1.0445, 103, 0, 255, 1, Eerie_Ore

As you turn in the next 14 items:

Lebounde ab Dolmen thanks you gratefully, 'A fine thing yeh did in findin' this. If yeh find anythin' else they took from meh, make haste back with it.'

After you turn in the final, 16th item:

Lebounde ab Dolmen's eyes light up with excitement, 'This! This is it, Soandso! The last thing them bandits took from meh! Now it's time we get t' [work]!'
You have completed achievement: The Artisan's Wares

You say, 'work'

Lebounde ab Dolmen says, 'Yeh've proven t' be a quite the explorer in recoverin' meh equipment. If yeh can prove t' be a true craftsman then meh finest prize is yer's.'
If you are now missing any of the other pre-requisites for The Artisan's Prize, you will see a tell from Lebounde ad Dolmen advising you what's missing:
Lebounde ab Dolmen says, 'Yeh should speak t' Eron Nurwistle next time yeh head through Dragonscale Hills.'

And here begins the Artisan's Prize. You will be given a popup to request tasks based on which tradeskills you have advanced to a level able to request the tasks.

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