Shar Vahl - Progressive Fletching Quests

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The Shar Vahl fletching quests start with merchant Rytan (in the southwest corner of Shar Vahl at loc -403, 410). Hail him and he says,

Hello ____, I trust all is well with you today. Come in and have a look around, just let me know if you see anything you like. By the way, I am in need of the assistance of an official Shar Vahl citizen. If you know of any please send them my way.

Say "I am a citizen.", and he responds,

Wonderful! Please, show me your acrylia slate and I'll disclose my errand.

Be sure you have a main inventory slot open, give him your personal acrylia slate, and he tells you,

Here's my dilemma, I am low on darts to sell and I need to replenish my supply. I simply cannot break away from the store so I require your help. Fill this bag with xakra teeth and return the sealed bag to me. With those teeth I can make six darts and I'll give you three.

Go into the pit and kill xakra larvae for their teeth (NO DROP), an uncommon drop. Fill the bag with six of these teeth, press the combine button, and it turns into the sealed bag. Return this to Rytan and he says,

Here are the three darts I promised you and a seal of mine. I need more darts desperately, so show me your acrylia slate to take another bag and fill it as you are able. Collect four of my seals and show them to me. I will reward you by revealing my method of dart construction.

You gain experience!!

and he gives you his sea, three Xakra tooth darts, and a small amount of experience. Do this three more times, and then give him the four seals that he has given you.

'I thank you for your continued assistance, ____. Here is a fletching tool that will enable you to fashion xakra tooth darts. You will first need to acquire a grimling skeletal femur and place it in a fletching kit with the tool. This will result in three bone shafts. Place a bone shaft, a xakra tooth and this tool in the fletching kit to make a dart. When your fletching skill no longer increases by making these darts you may give me your crafting tool and I will help you to upgrade it. '

You gain experience!!

and you receive a Xakra Dart Crafting Tool. This is used for making both the Grimling Bone Shafts and Xakra tooth darts. Trivial for this tool is =36.

Combine it in your fletching kit with a Skeletal Grimling Femur (NO DROP, from grimling skeletons) to get 3 Grimling Bone Shafts (NO DROP). Combine it with one of these Grimling Bone Shafts and a Xakra tooth (NO DROP) to get a Xakra Tooth Dart.

When you're satisfied that you have enough Xakra tooth darts, or they become trivial for you to make, hand the Xakra Dart Crafting Tool to merchant Rytan and he tells you,

'I assume you are ready to make more challenging darts. Very well, attach this shaft to your crafting tool in a fletching kit and you will be able to make grimling fang darts. Keep in mind that once this is done you will lose the ability to craft xakra tooth darts. When the grimling fang darts become trivial you may wish to upgrade your tool again by giving me the grimling dart crafting tool. '

You say, 'What grimling fang darts?'

Rytan says 'A grimling fang combined with a bone shard will make a dart slightly better than the xakra tooth dart, which will also sell for slightly more (odd, since they're NO DROP). '

and he returns your Xakra Dart Crafting Tool and gives you a Crafting Tool Hook Attachment (LORE, NO DROP) along with it. Combine these in your fletching kit, and if you succeed, you get the Grimling Dart Crafting Tool. Trivial for the combine is <=46 (I assume that if you fail, you get the Xakra Dart Crafting Tool back, and can get another attachment to combine with it.)

This tool can make Grimling Bone Shafts just like the Xakra tool could, but can not be used to make Xakra tooth darts. Instead, combine the Grimling Bone Shaft with this tool and a Grimling Fang (NO DROP), from grimling runts to receive a Grimling Fang Dart.

When you're ready to move on from making Grimling Fang Darts, hand your Grimling Dart Crafting Tool to Rytan and he says,

Your skill is increasing rapidly, ____. Here is a hook to place on the end of your crafting tool that will enable you to fashion rockhopper talon darts. Once the tool is modified it will not be able to make other types of darts. When creating rockhopper talon darts becomes trivial to you, feel free to give it to me for another upgrade. '

You say, 'What rockhopper talon darts?'

Rytan says 'Rockhopper talon darts are slightly better than grimling fang darts and will sell for a little more (There he goes with the price again.). The hooked dart crafting tool and a rockhopper foot will yield three of these darts. '

And you get your Grimling Dart Crafting Tool back, and a Crafting Tool Hook Attachment (LORE, NO DROP). Combine these (trivial <=46), and upon success, you get a Rockhopper Dart Crafting Tool.

To make a Rockhopper Talon Dart, combine this tool in your fletching kit with a rockhopper foot (LORE, NO DROP, so make your dart before hunting more rockhoppers) (these drop from rockhoppers in Hollowshade Moor, not to be confused with the rockhopper claw from the ones in the Pit).

When you are done making Rockhopper Talon Darts, give the tool to Rytan again, and he says

'Here is a special handle to attach to your crafting tool. This is the final improvement to your tool and will enable you to craft owlbear feather darts. These darts are superior to even the rockhopper darts and are magical. Take your modified tool and combine it with an owlbear feather in your fletching kit. May your new skill serve you well, ____. '

And you get back your Rockhopper Dart Crafting Tool and a Crafting Tool Handle Attachment (LORE, NO DROP). Combine these in the fletching kit to make your Owlbear Dart Crafting Tool (guess what? LORE, NO DROP. And it says "Deity: Bertoxxulous"?!?). Trivial <=48. Use this in your fletching kit with an Owlbear Feather (neither LORE nor NO DROP, and they stack!) to make an Owlbear Feather Dart (Dmg: 12, Dly: 0, Range: 120, trivial >120 <=139, yield 3). As Rytan said, there are no further improvements; the quest stops here.

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