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Shar Vahl - Progressive Tailoring Quests

Hand Broker Fahaar in Shar Vahl your personal acrylia slate. He will give you a 4-slot Young Hopperhide Sack (lore, no drop).

Combine 4 young rockhopper hides (no drop off young rockhoppers, from the pit surrounding Shar Vahl) and return the filled bag to Broker Fahaar to receive a leather cord (no drop) and a stretched hopperhide. Repeat. Return 4 cords to and receive a Vah Shir skinning knife.

Make a rough belt strap and give it and your Vah Shir skinning knife to Broker Fahaar to receive your Vah Shir needle set.

Next, bring Broker Fahaar a black chitin belt and a bone beaded belt plus your Vah Shir needle set to receive an acrylia needle.

Broker Fahaar will then ask you to make him owlbear feathered leggings. Once you have made the leggings, and give them and your acrylia need to him, he will give you a 6-slot (no drop, of course) container to fill with six owlbear tunics. He will also upgrade your needle to an acrylia thimble & needle set (As always, make sure you have room for the extra container in your inventory.)

Combine 6 owlbear tunics in the container, and hand the result to Elder Hortitosh in the Bard guild in the Shar Vahl Palace.

Elder Hymnist Hortitosh says 'These are finely crafted indeed, ____. Merchant Fahaar told me you were quite the prodigy, but don't tell him I told you that. Take this receipt and show it to Fahaar and tell him the king is quite pleased with both your work, and his teaching!'

Bring the receipt to Broker Fahaar and he will respond with the following.

Broker Fahaar says 'Well done, ______. You have done very well and the king is pleased. You have been a great help to me filling that order for the king. Here, take this jerkin and wear it with pride. All who see it will know that you are an accomplished tailor and a friend of Fareen!'

He will then give you a Sleek Sonic Wolfhide Tunic (AC 16, STR5, STA4, CHA 10; WAR, BST, ROG, BRD, SHM; VAH, BAR, TRL, OGR, IKS no drop).

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