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Bone Chips
WT: 0.1   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Stackable up to 100
NPCs sell this at 1s5c
NPCs buy this at 1s4c
EQ item ID: 13073

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    No Recipes were found to create this item. (Check link above to see if this item is used in any recipes.)

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  • This item is Foraged:
    • Arx Mentis
    • Hills of Shade
    • The Dead Hills
    • The Grey
    • Tower of Frozen Shadow
  • This item is dropped from mobs:
    Note: Various other Skeletons all over the place as well
    • City of Mist
      • a berserk fiend
      • plaguebone skeleton
    • Dagnor's Cauldron
      • an undertow skeleton
    • Deepest Guk: The Chapel of the Witnesses
      • a Witness of Hate soulreaper
    • Emerald Jungle
      • greater spurbone
      • plaguebone skeleton
    • Feerrott
      • a skeleton
      • a dry bones skeleton
      • a decaying skeleton
    • Field of Bone
      • a decaying skeleton
    • Gulf of Gunthak
      • a deadly skeletal sailor
      • a vicious skeleton
      • a savage skeletal sailor
    • Howling Stones
      • greater plaguebone
      • a sepulcher skeleton
      • greater war boned skeleton
      • an undead oblation
      • an undertaker skeleton
      • a helot skeleton
    • Karnor's Castle
      • decayed soldier
    • Kurn's Tower
      • various Burynai
      • various skeletons
    • Lake of Ill Omen
      • lesser charbone skeleton
      • lesser icebone skeleton
    • Lesser Faydark
      • a skeleton
    • Mines of Gloomingdeep
      • a cave rat
    • Miragul's Menagerie: The Forgotten Waste
      • a skeletal apprentice
      • a boney custodian
      • a frostfoot wizard
    • Mistmoore Catacombs: Ritualistic Summoni
      • a rawbone
      • bloodbone
    • Nektulos Forest
      • a skeleton
    • Northern Desert of Ro
      • a decaying skeleton, Zone has been revamped with the Prophecy of Ro expansion; this may have been moved or removed. Please update.
    • Qeynos Aqueducts
      • a skeleton
    • West Karana
      • a skeletal soldier
  • This item can be Vendor Purchased:

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