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Sunshard Dust
WT: 0.2   Size: TINY
Class: NONE
Race: NONE
Stackable up to 1000
NPCs sell this at 5c
NPCs buy this at 5c
Item lore: Small amount of course dust
EQ item ID: 33790

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    No Recipes were found to create this item. (Check link above to see if this item is used in any recipes.)

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  • This item is dropped from mobs:
    Note: Level relative drop from a variety of creatures across many zones.
    • Blightfire Moors
      • a ghostpack hunter
      • a ghostpack huntress
    • Burning Woods
      • a Sarnak enthusiast
      • a Sarnak knight
    • Cobalt Scar
      • an othmir warrior
      • an othmir pup
    • Crystal Caverns
      • a crystal webmaster
      • a Ry'gorr watchman
      • a Ry'gorr miner
      • a velium crawler
      • a stalag terror
    • Dawnshroud Peaks
      • a tribal gatherer
    • Goru`kar Mesa
      • a mesa wolf
      • a pack wolf
    • Great Divide
      • tizmaks
    • Kedge Keep
      • a lancer swordfish
    • Nedaria's Landing
      • a sleek panther
    • North Karana
      • a griffenne
    • Rathe Mountains (see also Gukta)
      • a cyclops
      • a hill giant
    • Southern Desert of Ro
      • Sandgiant Husam, L27
    • The Jaggedpine Forest
      • a grey pinewolf
    • Twilight Sea
      • a grol baku worker
      • a vas ren warder
      • a grol baku warder
      • a vas ren worker
      • an earth elemental
      • a lesser shadow

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