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Rhenium Ore
WT: 5.0   Size: SMALL
Class: NONE
Race: NONE
Stackable up to 100
NPCs sell this at 5p2g4s9c
NPCs buy this at 4g7s6c
EQ item ID: 34245

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    No Recipes were found to create this item. (Check link above to see if this item is used in any recipes.)

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  • This item is dropped from mobs:
    Note: Level relative drop from a variety of creatures across many zones.

    • Acrylia Caverns
      • a grimling arcanist
    • Deepest Guk: The Root Garden
      • a bleary Dar soldier
    • Dragon Necropolis
      • a Chetari guard
      • A Paebala Spirit Talker
      • a Chetari Warrior
    • Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind (Air)
      • a sporadic stormrider
    • Howling Stones
      • a mortiferous golem
    • Plane of Nightmare
      • a hobgoblin
      • a scourge hobgoblin
    • Plane of Valor
      • a Valorian Sentry
    • Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve (ErthB)
      • a Vekerchiki Soldier
    • Rujarkian Hills: The Bloodied Quarries
      • a Steelslave soldier
    • Sewers of Dranik A
      • an ethralled stoneworker
    • Sewers of Dranik B
      • a twisted stoneworker
    • Sewers of Dranik C
      • a subjugated stoneworker
    • Sewers of Nihilia, Purifying Plant
      • an abandoned golem
      • an abandoned worker
    • Siren's Grotto
      • High Priestess Sercema
    • Stillmoon Temple
      • a clay sentinel
      • a Stillmoon dirt tender
    • Stoneroot Falls
      • a drachnid
    • Takish-Hiz: The Sandfall Corridors
      • a phosphorescent golem
    • Temple of Droga
      • a goblin bone depredator
    • Undershore
      • a Deep Orc worker
      • a Malgrin soldier
      • a shiliskin graverobber
      • a shiliskin librarian
      • a Deep Orc laborer
      • a starving corathus

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