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Uncut Combine Star
WT: 0.1   Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Stackable up to 1000
EQ item ID: 37845

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    No Recipes were found to create this item. (Check link above to see if this item is used in any recipes.)

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  • This item is dropped from mobs:
    Note: Level relative drop from a variety of creatures across many zones.

    • Bloody Kithicor
      • a kodiak bear
      • a black wolf
    • Ethernere Tainted West Karana
      • a rabid wolf
      • a shadow wolf
      • a mist wolf
    • Halls of Honor
      • a guardian of Marr
    • Katta Castrum
      • a wayward whirlpool eddy
    • Lair of Terris Thule (Nightmare B)
      • Guardian of Terris
    • Loping Plains
      • a bottomfeeding imp
    • Lower Guk
      • a froglok slave, Just past the safe hall in the undead side of lower guk
    • Miragul's Menagerie: The Silent Gallery
      • a Frostfoot savager
    • Oceangreen Hills
      • Guardian of the Glade
    • Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve (ErthB)
      • a Vekerchiki Soldier
    • Relic, the Artifact City
      • an everwatching golem
    • Rujarkian Hills: The Bloodied Quarries
      • a Steelslave legionnaire
    • Sewers of Dranik A
      • a dragorn guard
    • Sewers of Nihilia, Purifying Plant
      • a sewer turepta
      • a bestirring stonemite
      • a congealed mass
      • a vile stonemite
      • a noc underling
      • an ukun tracker
      • a noc scout
      • an ukun flesheater
      • Kril V`lak
      • a diseased gnat
      • a sludge lurker
      • a vicious turepta
      • a hardshell stonemite
    • Sunderock Springs
      • a southern ridge drake
    • The Elddar Forest
      • a feral canine
    • The Hive
      • a drachnid webmender
    • Undershore
      • a Ragepaw slasher

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