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Velium Impacted Raw Diamond
WT: 2.0   Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Stackable up to 1000
Item lore: The fine veins of velium don't weaken the matrix
EQ item ID: 163654

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  • This item is the result of a quest:
    Note: Part of the Torment of Velious reward set.
    • Overseer Alternate Quest System
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      • Research Tasks @
      • Harvesting Tasks @
  • This item is dropped from mobs:
    • Crystal Caverns [ToV]
      • a crystal lurker
      • a restless coldain miner
      • a drachnid retainer
      • Guard Evercold
      • a drachnid purifier
      • a crystal purifier
    • Kael Drakkel [ToV]
      • various Watchmen
      • Fjokar Frozenshard
      • various Veterans
      • various Icecrafters
      • a storm giant soldier
      • various Oracles
      • Drendar Blackblade
      • various Troopers
      • various Lieutenants
      • a storm giant gladiator
      • various Watch Sergeants
      • a frost giant berserker
      • various Stormcallers
      • a priest of Vallon Zek
      • various Iceweavers
      • various Sergeants
      • a Kromzek sorcerer
      • various Senior Guards
      • Klraggek the Slayer
      • a frost giant wolf trainer
      • various Sentinels
      • Keldor Dek`Torek
      • a frost giant trainer
      • various Adjutants
      • Kallis Stormcaller
      • a frost giant lord
      • various Legionnaires
      • various Watchers
      • Irrek Bloodfist
      • various Guards
      • a cleric of Vallon Zek
      • various Chanters
      • a temple guardian
    • Ry`Gorr Mines [ToV]
      • a restless Ry`Gorr watchman
      • a restless Ry`Gorr prophet
      • a restless Ry`Gorr miner
      • a restless Ry`Gorr overseer
      • Ry`Gorr Herbalist
      • Guard Slacey
      • a Ry`Gorr miner
      • a restless Ry`Gorr foreman
      • a Ry`Gorr watchman
      • Guard Hollander
      • a restless Coldain miner
      • a Ry`Gorr prophet
      • a Ry`Gorr overseer
      • a restless Ry`Gorr oracle
      • a Ry`Gorr oracle
      • a Ry`Gorr apprentice
    • The Eastern Wastes [ToV]
      • a frozen horror
      • an infected orc
      • a frozen fright
      • a reinforced giant
      • a corrupted giant
      • Vekboz Wolfpunch
      • Monolith the Unstoppable
      • a cold ghoul
      • Mahaha
      • a Coldain fighter
      • Cadcane the Unmourned
      • a chilled carcass
      • an icy ghoul
      • a restless aged Coldain
      • an exiled sentry
      • Restless Ry`Gorr
      • a haunted Ry`Gorr
    • The Great Divide [ToV]
      • Lost Squire of Narandi
      • a forgotten enforcer
      • Gerton Dumkin
      • a failed reclaimer
      • a restless miner
      • a failed bodyguard
      • a restless Coldain
      • a corrupted giant
      • a restless cadaver
      • a Coldain fighter
      • a hardened giant
      • a forgotten raid leader
      • a Coldain enforcer
      • a frigid Coldain
      • a cold screamer
      • a frigid cadaver
      • Thosgromri Warmgranite
      • Gorul Longshanks
    • The Tower of Frozen Shadow [ToV]
      • a crystallized shadow guard
      • an undead musician
      • Amontehepna the Second
      • an undead dancer
      • an undead bridesmaid
      • an enraged vampire
      • Dark Huntress
      • an enraged composer
      • a maid of honor
      • a zombie maid
      • Malvus Darque
      • a zombie butler
      • a furious choreographer
      • a golem usher
    • Velketor's Labyrinth [ToV]
      • a mindless orc
      • a living ice construct
      • a shambling servant
      • a glaring gargoyle
      • a failed adventurer
      • an unprepared adventurer
      • a crystal gargoyle
      • an undying kobold
      • a restless orc
      • Vorgak
      • an icy gargoyle
      • Zarhbub Icepaw
      • Qabruh
      • a wandering icepaw
      • Marlek Icepaw
      • a restless kobold
      • a restless ice construct
      • a lost peasant

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