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Luclinite Laced Choresine Sample
Required level of 111
WT: 0.2   Size: SMALL
Class: ROG
Race: ALL
Stackable up to 1000
EQ item ID: 166426

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  • This item is dropped from mobs:
    Note: Drops from mobs in Terror of Luclin zones.

    • Basilica of Adumbration
      • a basilica secret keeper
      • a whispering shade
      • an adjutant shade
      • a basilica overseer
      • a dark inquisitor
      • a basilica disciplinarian
      • Dark Agent of Luclin
    • Bloodfalls
      • an invading shade
      • a war shade
      • an attacking shade
    • Ka Vethan
      • Xin Thall
      • a shade guardian
      • The Protector
      • Xi Xaui
    • Maiden's Eye [ToL]
      • an erased hero`s guard
      • a Luclin warder
      • a lost shade
    • Shadow Valley
      • Bynn the Tormented
      • an ashen shade
      • a wandering shadow
      • a mislaid shadow
      • an obscured shade
      • a grim shade
    • Umbral Plains [ToL]
      • Captain Resh Sogran
      • a dark assassin
      • a dark shadow
      • a dark shade
      • a fallen soldier
      • a dark guardian
      • a fallen sergeant
    • Vex Thal [ToL]
      • Qua Centien Xakra
      • Zun Va Liako Xakra
      • Qua Zethon Xakra
      • Pli Centien Xakra
      • Pli Thall Xakra
      • Pli Senshali Xakra
      • Qua Liako Xakra
      • Qua Thall Xakra
      • Pli Zethon Xakra
      • Pli Va Liako Xakra
      • Pli Liako Xakra

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