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Item List for Illusionist Jerup

Found in Plane of Knowledge at loc 2, 1074, -60

Tradeskill supplies sold by Illusionist Jerup

Item Price
Spell: Alacrity

Spell: Alliance

Spell: Beguile

Spell: Benevolence

Spell: Berserker Strength

Spell: Bind Affinity

Spell: Bind Sight

Spell: Breeze

Spell: Calm

Spell: Cancel Magic

Spell: Chaos Flux

Spell: Chaotic Feedback

Spell: Charm

Spell: Chase the Moon

Spell: Choke

Spell: Cloud

Spell: Color Flux

Spell: Color Shift

Spell: Crystallize Mana

Spell: Disempower

Spell: Ebbing Strength

Spell: Enchant Clay

Spell: Enchant Electrum

Spell: Enchant Gold

Spell: Enchant Silver

3p 7g 8s

Spell: Endure Magic

Spell: Enduring Breath

Spell: Enfeeblement

Spell: Enthrall

Spell: Eye of Confusion

Spell: Fear

Spell: Feckless Might

Spell: Feedback

Spell: Focus Crude Spellcaster's Essence

Spell: Focus Elementary Spellcaster's Essence

Spell: Focus Makeshift Spellcaster's Essence

Spell: Focus Mass Crude Spellcaster's Essence

Spell: Focus Mass Makeshift Spellcaster's Essence

Spell: Focus Mass Primitive Spellcaster's Essence

Spell: Focus Mass Rudimentary Spellcaster's Ess.

Spell: Focus Primitive Spellcaster's Essence

Spell: Focus Rudimentary Spellcaster's Essence

Spell: Gate

Spell: Greater Mass Enchant Clay

8g 8c

Spell: Greater Mass Enchant Electrum

Spell: Greater Mass Enchant Silver

Spell: Greater Mass Thicken Mana

1p 7g 4s 9c

Spell: Haze

Spell: Identify

Spell: Illusion: Barbarian

Spell: Illusion: Dark Elf

Spell: Illusion: Dwarf

Spell: Illusion: Earth Elemental

Spell: Illusion: Erudite

Spell: Illusion: Gnome

Spell: Illusion: Half Elf

Spell: Illusion: Halfling

Spell: Illusion: High Elf

Spell: Illusion: Human

Spell: Illusion: Iksar

Spell: Illusion: Ogre

Spell: Illusion: Skeleton

Spell: Illusion: Tree

Spell: Illusion: Troll

Spell: Illusion: Wood Elf

Spell: Instill

9p 4g 4s 9c

Spell: Intellectual Advancement

Spell: Intellectual Superiority

Spell: Invisibility

Spell: Invisibility vs Undead

Spell: Juli`s Animation

Spell: Kilan`s Animation

Spell: Languid Pace

Spell: Lesser Shielding

Spell: Levitate

6p 6g 1s 5c

Spell: Listless Power

Spell: Lull

Spell: Major Shielding

Spell: Mass Crystallize Mana

3p 1g 4s 9c

Spell: Mass Enchant Clay

1p 4s 9c

Spell: Mass Enchant Electrum

2p 9s 9c

Spell: Mass Enchant Gold

4p 1g 9s 9c

Spell: Mass Enchant Silver

8g 3s 9c

Spell: Mass Thicken Mana

1p 9g 9s 4c

Spell: Memory Blur

Spell: Mesmerization

Spell: Mesmerize

Spell: Minor Illusion

Spell: Minor Shielding

Spell: Mircyl's Animation

Spell: Mist

Spell: Pendril's Animation

Spell: Quickness

Spell: Reclaim Energy

Spell: Root

Spell: Rune I

Spell: Rune II

Spell: Sagar`s Animation

Spell: Sanity Warp

Spell: See Invisible

Spell: Sentinel

Spell: Serpent Sight

Spell: Shalee`s Animation

Spell: Shallow Breath

Spell: Shielding

Spell: Shifting Sight

Spell: Sisna`s Animation

Spell: Soothe

Spell: Strengthen

Spell: Strip Enchantment

Spell: Suffocating Sphere

Spell: Sympathetic Aura

Spell: Taper Enchantment

Spell: Tashan

Spell: Tashani

Spell: Tepid Deeds

Spell: Thicken Mana

Spell: Tiny Companion

Spell: True North

Spell: Weaken

Spell: Whirl till you hurl

Spell: Wuggan's Appraisal

Spell: Wuggan's Discombobulation

Spell: Wuggan's Extrication

Spell: Wuggan's Lesser Appraisal

Spell: Wuggan's Lesser Discombobulation

Spell: Wuggan's Lesser Extrication

Tradeskill supplies dropped by Illusionist Jerup when killed

This NPC does not drop any tradeskill items when killed.

Quest items obtained from Illusionist Jerup

This NPC does give any tradeskill quest items.

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