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Item List for Scribe Vordangl

Found in Gukta (in Rathe Mnts) at loc -1771, 2156, 2

Tradeskill supplies sold by Scribe Vordangl

Item Price
Spell: Animate Dead

Spell: Bone Walk

Spell: Breath of the Dead

Spell: Cancel Magic

Spell: Clinging Darkness

Spell: Convoke Shadow

Spell: Dark Empathy

Spell: Deadeye

Spell: Disease Cloud

Spell: Dismiss Undead

Spell: Dooming Darkness

Spell: Endure Cold

Spell: Endure Disease

Spell: Engulfing Darkness

Spell: Expulse Undead

Spell: Fear

Spell: Feign Death

Spell: Gather Shadows

3p 7g 8s

Spell: Heart Flutter

Spell: Heat Blood

Spell: Invisibility vs Undead

Spell: Invoke Fear

Spell: Leering Corpse

Spell: Lifedraw

Spell: Lifespike

Spell: Lifetap

Spell: Locate Corpse

Spell: Numb the Dead

Spell: Resist Cold

Spell: Restless Bones

Spell: Sense the Dead

Spell: Shadow Sight

Spell: Shadow Step

Spell: Shadow Vortex

Spell: Shieldskin

Spell: Siphon Strength

Spell: Spook the Dead

Spell: Summon Dead

Spell: Vampiric Embrace

Spell: Ward Undead

Spell: Wave of Enfeeblement

Spell: Word of Spirit

Tradeskill supplies dropped by Scribe Vordangl when killed

This NPC does not drop any tradeskill items when killed.

Quest items obtained from Scribe Vordangl

This NPC does give any tradeskill quest items.

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