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Sources for Ak'Anon (Original)


  • Fishing
    • a clockwork grocer at 904, -284, -18 (2nd floor of tower)
      Fresh Fish
    • a clockwork merchant at 733, 153, -24 (Near waterfall near entrance)
      Fresh Fish
    • Rylin Coil at 1469, -190, -104 (at bottom of waterfall)
      Dry Hook, Circle Hook
  • Make Poison
    • a clockwork alchemist at 891, -301, -26 (In lower level of the first tower on the lake near Ak'anon Palace)
    • a clockwork barkeep at 1245, -945, -28 (Bartender in the Ak'anon Bar)
      Gnomish Spirits
    • a clockwork barkeep at 1252, -946, -28 (Bartender in the Ak'anon bar)
      Gnomish Spirits
    • a clockwork grocer at 904, -284, -18 (2nd floor of tower)
      Water Flask
    • a clockwork jeweler at 1348, -884, -28 (in bank)
    • a clockwork merchant at 1242, -775, -24 (near forge of Defiance)
      Water Flask
    • a clockwork merchant at 1284, -915, -28 (In Pillar of Commerce (near clock))
      Water Flask
    • a clockwork merchant at 1328, -778, -24 (Behind the building. Near Zigg Flin.)
      Water Flask
    • a clockwork merchant at 484, -115, -24 (near Priest of Discord)
      Water Flask
    • a clockwork miner at 762, -155, -14 (Inside the Ak'Anon Palace)
      Small Piece of Ore
    • a spell research merchant at 2043,-395,179 (Near Clerics' Guild)
      Water Flask, Empty Vial
    • a spell research merchant (2) at 2028,-396,179 (Near Clerics' Guild)
      Gnomish Heat Source
    • Rylin Coil at 1469, -190, -104 (at bottom of waterfall)
      Water Flask, Gnomish Spirits


  • Tailoring
    • Tesil Gludien at 1195, -720, -25 (oxidized robe pattern obtained by gnomes (only) by hailing him and saying "I need a robe pattern")
      Oxidized Robe Pattern


  • Baking
    • Oven at 723, -116 (inside palace)
  • Brewing
    • brew barrel at 1258, -901 (inside bar)
  • Pottery
    • Kiln at 725, -148 (inside the "castle")
    • Pottery Wheel at 723, -142 (inside the "castle")
  • Smithing
    • Ak'Anon forge at 1225,-729 (outside Forge of Defiance)
    • Forge at 1254, -705
  • Tailoring
    • Loom at 772, 159



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