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Sources for Halas (Original)


  • Fishing
    • Becka McGuzzlin at 198, -144, 2 (McDonalds Fine Cider)
    • Dargon at 354, 356, 6 (In front of the Shaman's guild)
      Celandine Herb
    • Dok at 212, 275, 5 (Dok's Cigars)
    • Greta Terrilon at 280, -327, 5 (Outside McDaniels Smokes and Spirits)
    • Leopok Terrilon at 205, 151, 8 (In the bank building (no name))
    • Quillion O`Zinn at -15, 66, 5 (Found Mermaid shop at the dock)
      Fresh Fish
    • Rose McDowell at 397, 165, 5 (Along the wall between the Shaman guild and the Beastlord guild)


  • Brewing
    • Thadres Thyme at 104, -209 (Inside McQuaids Bar & Stout, she's on Qeynos rogues faction, so she may not be especially friendly.)
      Garsen's Brewing List
  • Non Tradeskill
    • Artisan Kjell Sunrunner at 151, 386, 3 (Quest: Darkhollow Geode (Barbarian))
      Seals of Darkhollow


  • Baking
    • Oven (outside McDaniels Smokes & Spirits)
  • Brewing
    • brew barrel at 117, -260 (in McQuaid's Dark & Stout)
    • brew barrel at 225, -142 (in McDonald's Fine Cider)
  • Pottery
    • Kiln (behind Golden Torc)
    • Pottery Wheel (inside the Golden Torc)
  • Smithing
    • Forge at 182, -255 (outside McPherson's Bloody Blades)
    • Forge at 238, -291 (outside McPherson's Bloody Blades)
    • Northman Forge at 232, -316 (outside McPherson's Bloody Blades)
  • Tailoring
    • Loom at 386, -159 (to the north of Mac's Kilts)

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