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Sources for Rivervale (Original)


  • Fishing
    • bag merchant at 208, -214, 3 (Across river from dock)
    • Burtle Barrelbelly at -37, -174, 14 (2nd floor of Fool's Gold)
    • dock merchant at 203, -216, 3
      Fresh Fish
    • Fiddy Bobick at 7, -364, -4 (On dock)
      Fresh Fish
    • Flyndia Deeppockets at -49, -207, 3 (In Fool's Gold)
    • Mac Deeppockets at -64, -188, 3
    • Wibble Bramblebush at 6, -329, -3 (In building near docks)

Mob Drop



  • Baking
    • Oven at -188, -157
    • Oven at -75, -420 (Druid area)
  • Brewing
    • brew barrel at -33,-255
    • brew barrel at -61,-161 (Second floor of Fool's Gold)
  • Pottery
    • Kiln at 395,-467
    • Pottery Wheel at -159.08, -77.75
    • Pottery Wheel at -386,-471
  • Smithing
    • Forge at -80,-362
    • Vale Forge at +178, -176
  • Tailoring
    • Loom at 0,-234

Ground Spawn

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