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This is one of several tradeskill quests originating in Abysmal Sea. For general information on these quests, please see the main Gates of Discord Quests writeup.

The completion of this quest allows you to progress to a jewelcraft skill as high as 54 without spending any money. Each step requires that you hand in enough completed items to progress to the next step. When you complete step four, you will be taught how to process raw pale nihilite and raw shimmering nihilite into useful ingredients for other recipes.

This version of the GoD jewelcraft conversion quest requires you to provide raw pale nihlite and/or raw shimmering nihilite. If you would rather not have to provide anything, try the Jewelcraft Freebie quest.

You start with Rilwind Sitnai, a jewelcraft vendor. As you begin the first step, he will also give you a book containing instructions on making some other Gates of Discord recipes.

Quick Summary:
NPC: Rilwind Sitnai in Abysmal Sea @ -163, 200, 98
Uses: any standard kit for jewelcrafting (Rilwind offers the vendor-bought Jeweler's Kit)
Book: Weapon Adornments
Step 1: Simple Pale Nihilite Pendant (trivial 31)
Step 2: Simple Pale Nihilite Ring (trivial 38)
Step 3: Simple Pale Nihilite Earring (trivial 46)
Step 4: Wayfarer Signet Ring (trivial 54)

You say, 'Hail, Rilwind Sitnai'

Rilwind Sitnai says 'Greetings. We are busy here, and I have little time for pleasantries. I can sell you supplies, if you have need. I can even help you fix up that old Jeweler's [Kit] of yours. Or perhaps you are here to [assist] me with my work?'

You say, 'what Kit?'

Rilwind Sitnai says 'Ah, well, we've been working on improving our ability to work with liquid precious metals. To do that, we've had to improve our kits. We've made them a bit larger, and added some reinforcements to help them resist the heat. I can make one for you, just find a turepta shell and two shimmering steel threads and hand them to me along with your Jeweler's Kit and I'll make you a new one.'

Here Rilwind gives you the quest for the Reinforced Jeweler's Kit. You do not need to do that for this quest, although it will be necessary to work with nihilite beyond this quest. If you do have one, it will work for these quest combines (and most or all other jewelry recipes).

You say, 'I will assist you'

Rilwind Sitnai says 'I haven't the time to keep up with the needs of the Wayfarers, I have more urgent matters to attend to. We have discovered a rare form of a relatively worthless mineral. Some trauma seems to have affected the local ulexite, striating it, which has given it the unusual property of image transference, as well as imbuing it with some sort of magical properties. I can only imagine the sort of magical and geologic upheaval that would be required to make these changes in ulexite! I certainly would have been a dramatic experience. Study of this material is my primary concern. I also have a duty to the Wayfarers Brotherhood. If you could attend to some of my tasks, I would be grateful. If you can relieve me of enough of these [tasks], I can continue my study of the [Shimmering nihilite].'

You say, 'what tasks?'

Rilwind Sitnai says 'There is much that needs to be done. I have several simple items that need to be made from the Pale nihilite that Glirina can prepare for you. If you bring me some, I can set you to work on creating items from them. This will give you practice working with nihilite and will give me more time to work on my research. Because I am asking you to provide the material for this work, I will be able to reward you more quickly than Glirina can. Just hand me the Pale nihilite when you are ready to begin.'

You say, 'what shimmering nihilite?'

Rilwind Sitnai says 'nihilite appears to have two forms. The Pale nihilite is relatively common. Shimmering nihilite is infused with crystals that make the usual milky color of the stone glimmer with specks of light. It is truly beautiful, but hard to find. It seems to be concentrated in the interior of Taelosia. If you can find Raw Shimmering nihilite, I can prepare it for you. In exchange, I will keep a small amount of it for my own work.'

Glirina Morningbloom is to the left of Rilwind. Give her a raw pale nihilite and she will convert it into two pale nihilite. You will need to do this every time you run out of pale nihilite and need more for this quest. Rilwind also mentions raw shimmering nihilite. This is a more valuable version of the raw pale nihilite, and conversion of it provides you with shimmering nihilite. Unless you really have a lot of raw shimmering nihilite or don't care to use or sell it, you should stick to using raw pale nihilite since it works just as well and is less valuable. If you do want to use the shimmering nihilite, however, that works just the same wherever pale nihilite is mentioned here. In that case, Rilwind can do that conversion for you.

STEP ONE: Simple Pale Nihilite Pendant

Hand Rilwind a Pale Nihilite.

Rilwind Sitnai says 'Good. We are in need of some simple pendants made from Pale nihilite, both for sale and for some of our research. Just take this Small Pale nihilite and Thin Silver Chain and combine them in your Jeweler's Kit. Give me the pendants and I will be grateful.'

Rilwind gives you enough materials to make 10 Simple Pale Nihilite Pendants. Combine them in a jeweler's kit and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 30 Simple Pale Nihilite Pendants. When you give Rilwind the next Pale Nihilite, he will move on to step two.

STEP TWO: Simple Pale Nihilite Ring

Rilwind Sitnai says 'Good. We need some rings made from with nihilite. Please take a Small Pale nihilite and a Simple Silver Ring and combine them in your Jeweler's Kit. These rings are simple, and their simplicity makes them beautiful. Bring any of these simple nihilite rings that you complete to me.'

Rilwind gives you enough materials to make 10 Simple Pale Nihilite Rings. Combine them in a jeweler's kit and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 30 Simple Pale Nihilite Rings. When you give Rilwind the next Pale Nihilite, he will move on to step three.

STEP THREE: Simple Pale Nihilite Earring

Rilwind Sitnai says 'Good. I would like you to make some earrings using Pale nihilite. Place one Small Pale nihilite and a Simple Silver Earring in your Jeweler's Kit and combine them. I do not believe that these earrings are very appealing, as the nihilite is not as attractive in small pieces, but there are others that think otherwise. Bring me the earrings when you have them done.'

Rilwind gives you enough materials to make 10 Simple Pale Nihilite Earrings. Combine them in a jeweler's kit and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 30 Simple Pale Nihilite Earrings. When you give Rilwind the next Pale Nihilite, he will move on to step four.

STEP FOUR: Wayfarer Signet Ring

Rilwind Sitnai says 'Thank you for being so helpful, Verdandi. The Wayfarers Brotherhood has adopted a simple, but distinctive signet ring using Pale nihilite over the emblem of our brotherhood. Here are the materials you need to make them. Simply combine the Small Pale nihilite, Wayfarer Sigil and Simple Silver Ring in you Jeweler's Kit. There is a rather urgent desire to get these rings out to those that desire them, so please return them to me as quickly as you can.'

Rilwind gives you enough materials to make 10 Wayfarer Signet Rings. Combine them in a jeweler's kit and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 30 Wayfarer Signet Rings. Give him one more Pale Nihilite.

Rilwind Sitnai smiles at you. 'Thank you for your assistance. You have done enough to earn my gratitude. Speak with Glirina and she will show you the secret of preparing both Pale and Shimmering nihilite. Be certain to mention to her all of the [work] you have done for us.'

Follow his instructions.

You say, 'work'

Glirina Morningbloom smiles broadly at you. 'You have been of great assistance to me. It would be improper for me to ask more of you. I will find others to do these tasks. I have learned much doing research while you have been helping me. Let me show you the method I have discovered for preparing the nihilite.' She works swiftly, but you understand what she is doing as she carefully prepared the soft stone. 'Here is some of the special polish that we have devised for use with the nihilite. What I have shown you will work for both the Pale and Shimmering nihilite and you should be able to get useful stones from Raw Pale and Raw Shimmering nihilite.' You know you can reproduce the polish she has given you. You are certain that you can improve on the method she has shown you, given enough practice with the nihilite.

You now have the ability to turn Raw Pale Nihilite into Pale Nihilite in a jeweler's kit, as well as Raw Shimmering Nihilite into Shimmering Nihilite. For more information on the conversion process see the main Gates of Discord Progressive Quests writeup.

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