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This is one of several new tradeskill quests originating in Abysmal Sea. For general information on these quests, please see the Gates of Discord Progressive Quests description.

One recipe is still missing from this guide, for the Wayfarer Rat Catcher. If you have more information on that recipe, please submit it on the message boards.

The completion of this quest allows you to progress to a tinkering skill as high as 54 without spending any money. Each step requires that you hand in enough completed items to progress to the next step. When you complete step four, you will be taught how to process Raw Dark Matter and Raw Infused Dark Matter into useful ingredients for other recipes. (Remember that you must be a level 16 or higher gnome to do tinkering. Gnomes who attempt this before level 16 either won't be able to do it or just won't get the skillups. Don't waste this opportunity.)

This version of the GoD tinkering conversion quest requires you to provide Raw Dark Matter and/or Raw Infused Dark Matter. If you would rather not have to provide anything, try the Tinkering Freebie quest.

You start with Tialechaety Orrthemech, a tinkering vendor. As you begin the first step, she will also give you a book containing instructions on making some other Gates of Discord recipes.

Quick Summary:
NPC: Tialechaety Orrthemech in Abysmal Sea @ -189, 71, 98
Uses: Collapsible Toolbox, Deluxe Toolbox, or Toolbox
Book: A New Energy Source
Step 1: Wayfarer Gauze Press (trivial 31)
Step 2: Wayfarer Signal Flare (trivial 38)
Step 3: Wayfarer Water Pump (trivial 46)
Step 4: Wayfarer Rat Catcher (trivial 54)

You say, 'Hail, Tialechaety Orrthemech'

Tialechaety Orrthemech says, 'Hello there. I have only the best supplies for the eager young tinkerer. I also have work for an eager tinkerer of any age, if you are [willing].'

You say, 'willing'

Tialechaety Orrthemech says, 'I'm glad to see that there are some that are still willing to work and learn. There is plenty of both to be had on this ship. Personally, I am learning all that I can about how this dark matter can be [infused] with particles of what appear to be augmented stone. As for work, there is plenty of that too. I don't suppose you can help with some of that [work]?'

You say, 'what work?'

Tialechaety Orrthemech nods, 'Good. But for what I need to do, I'll need some dark matter. If you can find some raw dark matter, take it over to Skelontorim and he can treat it for you. Then bring it to me and I'll put you to work. Work hard enough and I'll teach you the secret for treating dark matter. Of course, since I am asking you to provide some of the material for the work, I will reward you more quickly than Skelontorim. So gather up some dark matter and hand it to me, and I'll give you some chores to do.'

Skelontorim Orrthemech is right next to Tialechaety. Give him a Raw Dark Matter and he will convert it into two Dark Matter. You will need to do this every time you run out of Dark Matter and need more for this quest. Skelontorim also mentions Raw Infused Dark Matter. This is a more valuable version of the Raw Dark Matter, and conversion of it provides you with Infused Dark Matter. Unless you really have a lot of raw infused dark matter or don't care to use or sell it, you should stick to using raw dark matter since it works just as well and is less valuable. If you do want to use the raw infused dark matter, however, that works just the same wherever raw dark matter is mentioned here. In that case, Tialechaety can do that conversion for you.

STEP ONE: Wayfarer Gauze Press

Hand Tialechaety a Dark Matter.

Tialechaety Orrthemech says ''Well, as you could probably guess, we have plenty of opportunities to get ourselves hurt out here. Heck, some of the people working on this boat hurt themselves every single day. I have figured out a way to use dark matter as a power supply for gauze presses. It's still a bit tricky to use and keep working, but they tend to last longer if handled properly. All I need you to do is put the dark matter into the presses. That sounds easy, but because dark matter is so unstable, it is difficult to place properly into the device without breaking or contaminating it. I'm certain that you can do it, though. When you have the presses ready, bring them back to me."'

Tialechaety gives you enough materials to make 10 Wayfarer Gauze Press. Combine them in a toolbox and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 40 Wayfarer Gauze Press. When you give Tialechaety the next Dark Matter, she will move on to step two.

STEP TWO: Wayfarer Signal Flare

Tialechaety Orrthemech says ''Your assistance is welcome, ____. The task I have for you is a little dangerous. I think I have discovered a new way to make flares that are not only more visible, but more distinctive. They should be more useful that simple fireworks for sending signals. The difficulty is that these flares use dark matter. I'm a little worried that a mistake might cause some damage to the tinkerer doing the work. But I can see that such danger does not discourage you! Here are some flares and some dark matter. Make sure to only use one scrap of dark matter in each flare! I'd hate to send folks out with flares that have too much power. . . Bring the flares back to me when you have them done. But please work on them over in a corner somewhat away from me. Thanks.''

Tialechaety gives you enough materials to make 10 Wayfarer Signal Flare. Combine them in a toolbox and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 30 Wayfarer Signal Flare. When you give Tialechaety the next Dark Matter, she will move on to step three.

STEP THREE: Wayfarer Water Pump

Tialechaety Orrthemech smiles slightly, 'I am glad you can still work with us. I'm not one to panic, but I have been asked to beef up the ship's water pumps and repair some of the old ones. This might just be routine maintenance, but I could speculate otherwise, but that would be impolite. Please take these pumps and power them with the dark matter and grease all of the moving parts. Bring them back to me when you are done.'

Tialechaety gives you enough materials to make 10 Wayfarer Water Pump. Combine them in a toolbox and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 40 Wayfarer Water Pump. When you give Tialechaety the next Dark Matter, she will move on to step four.

STEP FOUR: Wayfarer Rat Catcher

Tialechaety Orrthemech says ''Oh, hello. Great, you brought more dark matter. I've been wanting to try something for a while now, and this should allow me to try it. I hate rats. Any reasonable person does. But the sailors are used to having them around and don't take any efforts to get rid of the pests. I have been snapping up any broken clockworks that I can find and refitting them to look something like cats. If you could power them up with the dark matter, set in the bait and bring them back to me, I'd be grateful.''

Tialechaety gives you enough materials to make 10 Wayfarer Rat Catcher. Combine them in a toolbox and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 30 Wayfarer Rat Catcher. Give her one last Dark Matter.

Tialechaety Orrthemech says ''You have already been of great service to us, I won't ask you to do more. Skelontorim can teach you how to treat dark matter as your reward. Make sure to tell him that you were able to [lend a hand] helping me out and he will show you what you need to know. Thank you for your help, may Brell be the ground on which you walk.''

Follow her instructions.

You say, 'I was able to lend a hand'

Skelontorim Orrthemech smiles and claps you on the back. 'I think you've done enough. You look like one of those adventuring gnomes and I hate to keep you here working for me. You should be out there defeating our enemies! Only you can bring the proper tools to the fight. Before you go, let me explain to you what you need to know about the dark matter so you can treat it yourself.' Skelontorim whispers into your ear. This is distracting, but you are able to concentrate well enough to understand the process he is explaining. 'That should work well enough with the infused dark matter too. Now run off and save the world, but don't be a stranger!' As you step away from the master tinkerer, you are certain that you can treat both forms of the raw dark matter in your toolkit. In fact, you're certain that if you work with the material long enough, you will be able to get better results and lose less of the material in the process.

You now have the ability to turn Raw Dark Matter into Dark Matter in a toolbox, as well as Raw Infused Dark Matter into Infused Dark Matter. For more information on the conversion process see the main Gates of Discord Progressive Quests writeup.

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