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Still mastered only by gnomes, tinkering brings wonderful contraptions to the residents of Norrath.

Below you will find guides that will help you master the art of Tinkering should you be a gnome so inclined.

This skill can only be practiced by Gnomes who have reached level 16 (reconfirmed October 2022 that this is still true).

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is acquire a toolbox, the container in which this tradeskill is practiced. There are several types of toolboxes. These are portable and kept in your inventory. There are also stationary containers that can be used to make combines.

Once you have your toolbox, make your way over to Crescent Reach and seek out Matrum Geerlok on the ground floor of the main building behind the bankers. He is on find. If you prefer, there are also Freebie quest versions for tinkering offered in Abysmal Sea.

NOTE: Gnomes start with a base skill of 50 in tinkering, so you don't have to do this step if you don't want to. However, IF you want to eventually be able to refine Dark Matter from Gates of Discord zones on your own in the future, you will need to do the Abysmal Sea Tinkering Collect quest.

Skill Modifiers

Now head over to West Freeport and pay a visit to Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs and get the Beginner Mechanist Test. This will give you the Beginner Mechanist Trophy, a skill modifier that will evolve to higher modifications as your skill increases.


  • Always get your trophy once your skill is 54. It will have the easiest items to make/ingredients to find.
  • You must equip your trophy to evolve it.
  • Your trophy will not evolve if you're attempting/making recipes that are more than 100 points away from your current skill level until you reach 250.
  • Your trophy will "catch up" quickly if you reach the next level before your trophy evolves.
  • Only successful combines will evolve your trophy.
  • General Information on Prophecy of Ro Trophy Quests

Alternatively you can acquire a Geerlok Clockwork Contraption from a more highly skilled tinkerer, it will add 5% to your base skill to help with successes. You must equip it to apply the boost to your base skill. The modifiers from the Trophy and the Geerlok do not stack. You will get the highest benefit between the two equipped items. Once you have evolved your trophy to Journeyman level, you no longer need the Geerlok.

Alternate Advancement Points

You may be staring in wonder at this section. There are Tinkering AAs? But I don’t see them in the Alternate Advancement window anywhere! The first three levels of AA for Tinkering Mastery work a little differently than any other tradeskill. Grab your toolbox, head over to Ak’Anon and find Rylin Coil (he is on find). He gives you a very simple task to obtain books that can be clicked to award Tinkering Mastery levels 1 – 3. They still cost AA points, you will need to have 18 AAs available to spend to click all three books.

You do not need to purchase a level of New Tanaan Crafting Mastery to raise Tinkering past 200.

Skilling up 55 - 300

How you raise your skill from 55 to 300 can depend your tradeskill style. Some folks prefer to figure it out themselves and find things from the quick trivial list that are slightly above their current skill level, some will just pick a high trivial recipe and make those combines until they are maxed. Others seek advice from those who have gone before. Below you'll find a link to page with a suggested path and the quick trivial list. Use whichever meets your needs the best.

Skilling up 301 - 350

If you are new to raising a tradeskill from 301 to 350, check out the article below for the basics:

There are currently 858 Tinkering recipes that count towards 350 mastery and you must learn 793 of those recipes to achieve 350.

Skilling up from 301 to 350 is completely different than skilling up from 55 to 300.

This extended skill level is obtained by learning unique tinkering recipes. See the general guide below for skill up from 301 to 350. Remember you will need to purchase levels 4 – 13 of the Tinkering Mastery AAs as well. Revisit the Alternate Advancement Points – Tinkering guide above for details. There are currently 862 recipes that count towards 350. In order to reach 350 you must learn 791 of those recipes. The good news is 567 of them can be learned by scribing the following books:

Up to 8 recipes can be learned if you did both the Crescent Reach Freebie or the Abysmal Sea Freebie and the Abysmal Sea Collect quests. If you did not do any of these quests and aren’t inclined to go back and try to do them, you can at least visit Matrum Geerlok in Crescent Reach to get his 4 recipes. Simply hail him and say recipes. Getting the Abysmal Sea Recipes isn’t quite as simple.

That should leave you with 218 – 222 unique recipes to learn and about 275 to choose from.

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