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This is one of several tradeskill quests originating in Abysmal Sea. For general information on these quests, please see the main Gates of Discord Quests writeup.

The completion of this quest allows you to progress to a baking skill as high as 54 without spending any money. Each step requires that you hand in enough completed items to progress to the next step. When you complete step four, you will be taught how to process taelosian wheat and taelosian mountain wheat. However, at this time there are no recipes that use the processed results, so this ability is not yet useful.

This version of the GoD baking conversion quest does not require you to provide anything. If you would prefer to provide taelosian wheat and/or taelosian mountain wheat in exchange for doing a lot less combines per step, try the Baking Collect quest.

You start with Ordin Wheasly, a baking vendor. As you begin the first step, he will also give you a book containing instructions on making some other Gates of Discord recipes.

Quick Summary:
NPC: Ordin Wheasly in Abysmal Sea @ -97, 199, 114
Uses: any standard oven or spit, and mixing bowl, for doing baking (there's an oven behind Tylida that looks like huge grill - click the giant fork on top, and Ordin offers the vendor-sold Mixing Bowl (portable))
Book: Tuna is Great!
Step 1: Ordin's Oatmeal (in mixing bowl, trivial 31)
Step 2: Wayfarer Muffin (in oven, trivial 38)
Step 3: Wayfarer Pie (in oven, trivial 46)
Step 4: Wayfarer Pastry (in oven, trivial 54)

You say, 'Hail, Ordin Wheasly'

Ordin Wheasly says 'Hello! Boy, am I glad to see you! I really need your help. Can you help me with some simple [baking tasks]? A ship floats on its belly, you know.'

You say, 'what baking tasks?'

Ordin Wheasly says 'Wayfarers eat far more than their fair share. It's just about impossible to keep up with them! I'd really like some help baking some of the basic foods so that I can spend my time thinking up new uses for this wonderful wild grain that has been discovered on Taelosia. I've named it Taelosian [Wheat], but I suppose the natives might have some other name for it. Can you be of any [assistance] to me?'

You say, 'what wheat?'

Ordin Wheasly says 'It's wonderful! I haven't had as much time to try it in some of my famous recipes, but I have done a little taste-testing and it is very good. It even has some magical properties that I'm still trying to figure out. It does require some special treatment when making it into flour, but I've figured that out. What I really need is more of it! If you could bring me some Taelosian Wheat, I'd gladly grind it for you. I'd just keep a bit of it for my efforts.'

STEP ONE: Ordin's Oatmeal

You say, 'What assistance?'

Ordin Wheasly says 'Great! Right now what I really need is some oatmeal prepared for meals that we need to server right away. This is a simple task and might be too easy for you, but those folks are hungry. Just take this Oat Meal and Hot Water and mix it in your mixing bowl. Bring the finished Oatmeal to me right away. If you help me with the many tasks that I have to get done, I might be willing to share with you the secret of grinding the Taelosian Wheat into flour.'

Ordin gives you enough materials to make 20 Ordin's Oatmeal. Combine them in a mixing bowl and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 100 Ordin's Oatmeal, when he will move to step two.

STEP TWO: Wayfarer Muffin

You say, 'What assistance?'

Ordin Wheasly says 'Yes! Wayfarer Muffins are probably our most popular traveling food. And folks passing through here are always traveling. If you could take a hunk of dough and a single dose of Wayfarer Surprise and put them into the oven, I would be grateful. Hmm? Oh, no, I can't really tell you what's in the Wayfarers surprise. Please bring the muffins back to me as fast as you can, we're always running out.'

Ordin gives you enough materials to make 20 Wayfarer Muffins. Combine them in an oven and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 100 Wayfarer Muffins, when he will move to step three.

STEP THREE: Wayfarer Pie

You say, 'What assistance?'

Ordin Wheasly says 'Good! We're trying to stock up for dinner. We usually serve a lot of Wayfarer pie. It's a sort of pie surprise! If you could run over to the oven and bake up a Hunk of Dough, a Wayfarer Pie Tin and Wayfarer Surprise into a nice, tasty pie, that would be great! Bring the pies to me when you are done. No, I'm still not going to tell you what the surprise is.'

Ordin gives you enough materials to make 20 Wayfarer Pies. Combine them in an oven and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 100 Wayfarer Pies, when he will move to step four.

STEP FOUR: Wayfarer Pastry

You say, 'What assistance?'

Ordin Wheasly says 'You have been a big help! I think I can trust you to make some dessert for these ruffians. I need a lot of pastries, or who knows what they might do! Just take a Hunk of Dough and a Dab of Frosting and pop them in the oven! Bring them back to me piping hot please!'

Ordin gives you enough materials to make 20 Wayfarer Pastry. Combine them in an oven and turn in your successes unstacked. Repeat this process until you have handed in 100 Wayfarer Pastry.

You say, 'What assistance?'

Ordin Wheasly says 'You have been a big help around the kitchen! I wouldn't feel right continuing to abuse your kindness.' Ordin glances around. 'Take a quick peek into my recipe book. This is the way you grind the Taelosian Wheat into flour.' He quickly shows you the last page of his coveted recipe book. It only takes you a moment to see what the trick is. From now on, all you have to do is put the Taelosian Wheat or Taelosian Mountain Wheat into your mixing bowl and combine it to get the flour. In fact, you are certain that if you work at it long enough, you can produce more usable wheat with practice.'

You now have the ability to turn Taelosian Wheat into Taelosian Wheat Flour, as well as Taelosian Mountain Wheat into Taelosian Mountain Wheat Flour. For more information on the conversion process see the Gates of Discord Progressive Quests writeup.

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