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Coldain Prayer Shawl 2.0

Thanks Aldier for the write up.

With the release the Underfoot expansion, one of the things included is the series of tasks involving the Coldain Prayer Shawl. These tasks involve tradeskills and lead to a much enhanced Coldain Prayer Shawl.


  • Completed the previous 8 Coldain prayer shawl quests from the Velious expansion
  • Possess the Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl
  • Completed Underfoot progression through Tier 8 zones to complete quests 1 - 5
  • Completed Underfoot progression through Tier 9 zones to complete quests 6 and 7

This Coldain Shawl 2.0 series also consists of 8 steps. Each of the first 7 steps focuses on a single tradeskill that you must have 300 raw skill in to be able to request the task. The 8th step is a simple turn in that requires a drop from the top end raid mob(s) of the UF expansion. 7 steps will make it the top group geared item for its slot. 8 steps will make it the top item for its slot in the game.

Do not precombine your turn ins, you will not get credit.

To begin, take your Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl with you to Brell's Temple. Ina corner of the central room where Brell Serilis paces around, you will find Chamberlain Thoridain. He is the npc who gives out all of the tasks. Upon zoning in you should receive an emote, "Chamberlain Thoridain says 'I sense a sacred relic of Brell on your person. If you would like to know more about this relic, come speak to me.'" You may receive the emote regardless of whether your baking skill is maxed, but you will not be able to request the first quest without 300 raw skill in baking.

Upon completion of certain high end raids in the Underfoot expansion, an item can drop that will be allow you to turn in your 2.0 7th shawl and the drop to receive an upgraded raid version of the shawl. This is a simple hand in task but will list it here.

  • Shawl 2.0, Quest #8 � Head of the Problem

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