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Costs of Baking

This page is out of date, with no plans to update it. It is left here for reference, but lacks many good skillup options from more recent expansions.

Costs listed are using best charisma and faction. They are listed in platinum pieces in decimal form with no currency label: 9.524 would mean 9pp 5gp 2sp 4cp. Unconsumed tools are not included.

"Product" is the product made. Yields are given in parentheses when other than 1.

"Min Cost" is the price of all dropped items gathered yourself (farmed), and any subcombines performed yourself. The cost of components that are themselves made as a tradeskill recipe assumes no failures making them; your mileage will vary.

"Max Cost" is the price of all dropped items purchased from vendors, and without possible cost saving subcombines. This is only used where options apply.

"Discrepancy" will note differences between Min Cost and Max Cost when they exist, noting gathered ingredients and/or cost saving subcombines. Indredient costs are listed after combines for your own comparisons. All Foraged Item Costs are listed separately. NO DROP and NO RENT ingredients are not accounted for. Items which will not sell to vendors, including NO DROP/RENT items, are listed in discrepancy with an asterisk (*).

Technical Exceptions: Discrepancies will not be given for lootable items which are found normally from a vendor. Boxes shaded in cyan highlight values which are inaccurate due to incomplete data.

Baking suppliesBaking recipes
On this page: Baking Ingredient Costs

Recipe Costs
Product Min Cost Max Cost Discrepancy
Anaconda melt0.0360.119anaconda meat
Anaconda stir fry0.0000.345anaconda meat, vegetables*, plant shoots
(6) Apricot marmalade0.027 fruit*
Batwing crunchies0.020
(4) Batwing Pie0.019
Bear sandwich0.104
Bear steak0.101
(2) Beer braised bear0.107
(2) Beer braised gator0.107
(2) Beer braised mammoth0.0230.107mammoth meat
(2) Beer braised lion0.107
(2) Beer braised rat0.107
(2) Beer braised wolf0.0230.107wolf meat
(5) Beetle eye pie0.0080.037fire beetle eye
(2) Berry pie0.001 berries*
(2) Birthday cake0.0280.112brownie parts
(10) Birthday cake slice0.0140.056
Bixie crunchies0.0090.019bixie parts
(2) Blackened Tier'dal0.0140.024dark elf parts
(12) Bug Bites0.0000.059wasp wings, bixie parts, spider legs, fire beetle eye
(8) Candied spider0.0160.026spider legs
(2) Canyar Nut Stuffed Trout 0.0170.174bag of Canyar nuts
Cheesy anaconda casserole0.0260.503anaconda meat
Cheesy griffon casserole0.0260.503griffon meat
Cheesy vegetable casserole0.0260.682plant shoots
(2) Chocolate cookies0.0350.119brownie parts
(6) Chocolate Marr Cherries0.0180.5733 Marr cherries, brownie parts
(2) Chocolate muffins0.0190.103fruit*, brownie parts
Clump of dough (snake egg)0.0150.020snake egg
Clump of dough (aviak egg)0.0150.172aviak egg (loot or forg)
Clump of dough (alligator egg)0.0150.172alligator egg (loot or forg)
Clump of dough (cockatrice egg)0.0150.093cockatrice egg
Clump of dough (griffon egg)0.0150.172griffon egg
Clump of dough (looted basilisk egg)0.0150.802basilisk egg (loot)
Clump of dough (dragon egg)0.0150.094dragon egg
Clump of dough (drake egg)0.0150.094drake egg
Clump of dough (wurm egg)0.0150.093wurm egg
(8) cream2.110
(6) creamy fennel sauce2.374
(5) Cookies0.017
(5) Shaped Cookies0.017
Troll Shaped Cookie0.017
(6) Cupcakes0.017
(2) Deadly Medley0.0840.123wasp wings, fire beetle eye
(2) Dwarf chops0.0140.024dwarf meat
Dryad pate0.0860.348dryad parts, plant shoot
Edible goo0.0000.039rat ears, fire beetle eye
(2) Elven veal0.0140.014high elf parts
fillet of bear0.084
fillet of lion0.084
(10) fillet of mammoth0.0000.084mammoth meat
(10) fillet of wolf0.0000.084wolf meat
(2) Fish Fillet0.036
(2) Carp Fillet0.0130.068Boar carp
(2) Chub Fillet0.0130.046Despair Chub
(2) Chub Fillet0.0130.047Rujarkian chub
(2) Pike Fillet0.0130.052Highland pike
(2) Pike Fillet0.0130.047Hound pike
(2) Salmon Fillet0.0130.062Greengill salmon
(2) Salmon Fillet0.0130.062Thunder salmon
(2) Trout Fillet0.0130.057Cauldron trout
(2) Trout Fillet0.0130.036Fogwater trout
bear fillet in cream0.480
lion fillet in cream0.480
mammoth fillet in cream0.3960.404mammoth meat
wolf fillet in cream0.3960.404wolf meat
Fish head soup0.046
(2) Fish in Cream Sauce5.6495.688various fish sources
Fish rolls0.0030.037fish, batwings
(3) Fruit pie0.001 fruit*
Gator rolls0.0840.094wasp wings
Gator steaks0.101
Gnoll chops0.0140.097gnoll parts
(2) Gnome kabob0.0170.027gnome meat
Green Gill Juice5.2635.312greengill salmon
griffon melt0.0360.119griffon meat
griffon stir fry0.0000.345vegetables*, griffon meat, plant shoots
(4) Grilled cheese sandwich0.036
(6) Halas 10 lb Meat Pie3.8533.869wolf meat, mammoth meat
Hearty Meat Sauce0.0170.100anaconda meat OR griffon meat
(6) Holy Cake4.6069.415brownie parts, 3 research
(2) Hot & spicy toelings0.0140.024Halfling parts
(8) Hot cross buns0.010 fruit*
(20) Jumjum cake0.0800.164brownie parts
(10) Jumjum cake slice0.0040.008
(10) Jumjum salad2.178 vegetables*
Kobold steaks0.0170.027kobold meat
kunzar glue5.2635.312
(2) Large Slumberfish pie6.8366.849heavy clay, weary wrass
Lion steaks0.101
liquidised gator2.2052.289gator meat
liquidised rat2.2052.289rat meat
liquidised snake2.2052.289snake meat
(2) Lizard on a stick0.0170.101lizard meat
(6) Lotus pie2.37512.866 sticky lotus sap (used here for Max),
or sweet lotus sap,
or soft lotus petals,
or black lotus stem
Lucky cabbage0.2311.963wild cabbage, research, imbued plains pebble*
(5) Mammoth sandwich0.0200.104mammoth meat
(5) Mammoth steaks0.0170.101mammoth meat
(2) Marinated muskie0.0560.094Rathe muskie, snake egg
(12) Marmalade sandwich0.025 fruit*
(10) Mature cheese0.136
(3) Meat pie0.0010.011chunk of meat
(4) Misty Thicket Picnic5.401
(6) Muffins0.001 fruit*
Noodles (snake egg)0.0200.025snake egg
Noodles (rockhopper egg)0.020 rockhopper egg
Noodles (alligator egg)0.0200.177alligator egg
Noodles (aviak egg)0.0200.177aviak egg
Noodles (looted basilisk egg)0.0200.807basilisk egg
Noodles (foraged basilisk egg)0.0200.177foraged basilisk egg
Noodles (owlbear egg)0.020 owlbear egg
Noodles (silt spider egg)0.020 silt spider egg
Noodles (drake egg)0.0200.099drake egg
Noodles (cockatrice egg)0.0200.098cockatrice egg
Noodles (griffon egg)0.0200.177griffin egg
Noodles (wurm egg)0.0200.098wurm egg
Noodles (shissar egg)0.020 *
Noodles (dragon egg)0.0200.099dragon egg
Omelette du fromage (snake egg)0.0160.021snake egg
Omelette du fromage (looted basilisk egg)0.0160.803basilisk egg (loot)
Omelette du fromage (foraged basilisk egg)0.0160.173foraged basilisk egg
Omelette du fromage (alligator egg)0.0160.173alligator egg
Omelette du fromage (aviak egg)0.0160.173aviak egg
Omelette du fromage (griffon egg)0.0160.173griffin egg
Pasta with cheese0.0430.437egg
Pasta with meat sauce0.0340.511anaconda meat OR griffon meat
Patty melt0.120
(2) Pickled bixie0.0200.030bixie parts
Pickled dryad 0.0200.103dryad parts
Pickled froglok0.0200.104froglok meat
(2) Pickled gator0.104
Pickled gnoll parts0.0200.103gnoll parts
(2) Pickled lizard0.0200.104lizard meat
(2) Pickled troll0.0200.030troll parts
Pinemyer pasta0.0270.421
(6) Pixie Powder Cinnesticks0.0000.4723 pixie dust, cinnamon stick
Potemied pate0.0860.348potemied parts, plant shoot
(4) Pound cake0.009
Rabbit stew0.010 rabbit meat*
Rangers Omelette (aviak egg)0.0160.435aviak egg, plant shoot
Rangers Omelette (foraged basilisk egg)0.0160.435(F) basilisk egg, plant shoot
Rangers Omelette (griffon egg)0.0160.435griffon egg, plant shoot
Rangers Omelette (looted basilisk egg)0.0161.065(L) basilisk egg, plant shoot
(2) Rat ear turnover0.0010.011rat ears
Rat ear sandwich0.0300.040rat ears
Rat kabobs0.101
Rat sandwich0.104
(10) Royal mints4.209
Scorpion sandwich0.030
(2) Shark fillet0.0170.101shark meat
Shark rolls0.0000.095shark meat
(2) Smoked shark0.0070.091shark meat
(2) Smoked wood elf0.0070.017wood elf parts
(2) Snake pickles0.104
Snake steak0.101
Thick lotus paste2.37412.865sticky lotus sap (used here for Max),
or sweet lotus sap,
or soft lotus petals,
or black lotus stem
Thunder salmon glue5.2635.312
(2) Thunder salmon in cream5.6495.698
Vegetable pasta0.0270.683plant shoots
(6) Vegetable pie0.001 vegetables*
Vegetable soup0.020 vegetables*
(2) Wedding cake0.0350.119brownie parts
(10) Wedding cake slices0.0180.060brownie parts
White chocolate0.0250.109brownie parts
(2) White chocolate cookies0.0420.126brownie parts
(2) White chocolate muffins0.0260.110fruit*, brownie parts
Winter chocolate0.0180.102brownie parts
Wolf sandwich0.0200.104wolf meat
Wolf steak0.0170.101wolf meat
Woolie spider crunchies0.0090.019spider legs
(2) Wrass in cream sauce5.6495.649weary wrass
Velious Recipes
(2) Beer braised mammoth0.0860.170mammoth meat
(2) Beer braised wolf0.0860.170wolf meat
(2) Blackened panther0.0140.024panther meat
(4) Cobalt cup cakes0.017
(6) Dark chocolate creme4.489
(5) Dragon steak0.0170.017dragon meat
Frost giant steaks0.0170.027frost giant meat
(5) Frost giant steaks0.0170.027frost giant meat
(5) Mammoth steaks0.0170.101mammoth meat
(4) Ohabah truffles0.7570.767mushroom
(2) Orange flavored cod0.0200.121cobalt cod, emerald orange
(2) Pickled dragon0.0200.020dragon meat
(2) Pickled drake 0.0200.031drake meat
(2) Pickled faun0.0200.020faun meat
(2) Pickled frost giant0.0200.030frost giant meat
(2) Pickled siren0.0200.030siren meat
(2) Pickled storm giant0.0200.030storm giant meat
(2) Pickled unicorn0.0200.020unicorn meat
(2) Pickled wurm0.0200.030wurm meat
(2) Pickled wyvern 0.0200.031wyvern meat
Raptor steaks0.0170.017raptor meat
Rolled cutlassfish0.0140.048iceclad cutlassfish
(2) Salty whitefish fillet0.0130.041salty whitefish
Sea green cookies0.017
(2) Shark fillet0.0170.101shark meat
(6) Shellcracker's seaside salad0.0133.190arctic mussels, small clams, arctic king crab,
cobalt abalone, arctic scallops, cobalt rock
crab, vegetables*, dragon bay snapper
(2) Sifaye Pickles0.0200.020sifaye meat
Storm giant steaks0.0170.027storm giant meat
(5) Storm giant steaks0.0170.027storm giant meat
Vegetable Roughy0.0200.069red roughy, vegetables*
Yakman steaks0.017 yakman meat*
(5) Yakman steaks0.017 yakman meat*
Luclin Recipes
owlbear sandwich0.0200.030owlbear meat
sonic wolf sandwich0.0200.030sonic wolf meat
owlbear steak0.0170.027owlbear meat
sonic wolf steak0.0170.027sonic wolf meat
boiled rockhopper eggs0.017
spicy fish stew0.027 2 wetfang steaks*
(2) centi steaks0.0170.080centi meat
(2) centi toe stew0.0122.532centi toes
(2) mind worm steaks0.0170.079mind worm meat
Cazic Thule Recipes
(2) Tae Ew skewers0.0170.017chunk of Tae Ew meat
Tae Ew Roll0.0110.011chunk of Tae Ew meat
Tae Ew Sandwich0.0200.020chunk of Tae Ew meat
(8) Candied Tae Ew0.0160.016chunk of Tae Ew meat
Tae Ew Soup0.0200.020chunk of Tae Ew meat
(2) Tae Ew Pie0.0010.001chunk of Tae Ew meat
Quest recipes
(6) Chocolate Marr Cherries0.0180.5733 Marr cherries
panther pate (no drop)0.0070.269plant shoots
Thurgadin Prayer Shawl Baking Quests
tundra bear sandwich0.030 kodiak meat*
snow bunny stew0.037 2 snow bunny meat*
ulthork meat pie0.0180.0702 ulthork meat
snow griffon souffle0.007 snow griffon egg*

Ingredients Costs
Item Cost
At Market
mixing bowl1.050
jug of sauces0.010
bottle of milk0.005
loaf of bread0.020
gator meat0.084
scorpion meat0.010
rat meat0.084
snake meat0.084
bear meat0.084
lion meat0.084
gouda cheese0.016
cup of sugar0.525
jumjum stalk0.052
fresh fish0.026
short beer0.016
algae spices0.007
kelp garnish0.007
jug of oyster sauces0.010
plankton frosting0.009
seaweed vinegar0.010
snake egg0.005
basilisk egg (looted)0.787
niflik egg1.050
People's Parts
halfling parts0.010
wood elf parts0.010
troll parts0.010
gnome meat0.010
high elf parts
dwarf meat0.010
dark elf parts0.010
human parts0.010
ogre meat0.010
erudite meat0.010
Monster Meats
chunk of meat0.010
bixie parts0.010
pixie dust0.105
wasp wing0.010
wolf meat0.084
mammoth meat0.084
shark meat0.084
brownie parts0.084
lizard meat0.084
anaconda meat0.083
griffon meat0.083
gnoll parts0.083
dryad parts0.083
potameid parts0.084
kobold meat0.010
panther meat0.010
dragon meat
drake meat0.011
faun meat
frost giant meat0.010
siren meat0.010
unicorn meat
wyvern meat0.011
wurm meat0.010
raptor meat
sifaye parts
storm giant meat0.010
yakman meatNA
ulthork meat0.026
tundra kodiak meatNA
snow bunny meatNA
owlbear meat0.010
sonic wolf meat0.010
wetfang steaksNA
centi meat0.063
centi toes2.520
mind worm meat0.062
sweet lotus sapXXX
sticky lotus sapXXX
soft lotus petals
black lotus stem
chunk of Tae Ew meat

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