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The Artisan's Prize

The Artisan's Prize

A quest that results in a fabulous augment that requires a tremendous amount of work to acquire and to max the stats.

Artisan's Prize
Augmentation Type: 7 8
AC: 300
End Regen: +25
Effect: Artisan's Finesse
STR: +75 (+150)   DEX: +75 (+150)   STA: +75 (+150)   CHA: +75 (+150)   WIS: +75 (+150)   INT: +75 (+150)   
AGI: +75 (+150)   HP: +3000   MANA: +3000   Endurance: +3000   
SV FIRE: +40   SV DISEASE: +40   SV COLD: +40   SV MAGIC: +40   
Attack: +127
Regeneration: +15
Mana regeneration: +15
Clairvoyance: +200
Spell Dmg: +200
Heal Amount: +200
Required level of 105
Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Item Information:
You must use the solvent Class XXI Augmentation Distiller to remove this augment safely.



  • You need the first three items listed above (not just the achievements). If you destroyed the item(s) in the past, you'll need to reacquire them by repeating the quests.
  • If you only have the Xanthe’s Earring of Nature – you must return to Fungus Grove and exchange it for an Earring of the Solstice with Rebecca Cabbageleaf
  • In order to complete the PoP Signet quest:
    • You will need the whole Planes of Power progression up to the Elemental Planes to complete the quest line
    • You must have purchased all New Tanaan Crafting Mastery AAs
    • Your skill must be at least 220 in Baking, Brewing, Fletching, Jewelcraft Pottery, Smithing and Tailoring
  • A Quintessence of Elements is required to complete The Artisan's Wares

The Artisan's Prize

Once you have the prerequisites listed above, head over to Halas between 5am and 7pm game time and find Lebounde ab Dolmen - He is on find. Between 7pm and 5am he is locked in his hut and cannot be accessed.

You say, 'Hail, Lebounde ab Dolmen'

Lebounde ab Dolmen says, ‘There is always more [work] t’do, friend.

You say, ‘Work’.

Lebounde ab Dolmen says 'Yeh've proven t' be a quite the explorer in recoverin' meh equipment. If yeh can prove t' be a true craftsman then meh finest prize is yer's.'

You are offered the task The Artisan’s Prize.

The artisan is impressed with your breadth of crafting experience and is willing to share the secret of transmuting your artifacts into a more powerful treasure.

The artisan often finds himself too engrossed in his own work to travel out from Halas to resupply his stores.

Procure and deliver the 12 seals of crafting. You may need to work with other craftsmen to obtain all 12.

Click Accept

You have been assigned the task The Artisan’s Prize.

Objective Instructions:

  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Alchemy to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Baking to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Brewing to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Fishing to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Fletching to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Jewelcrafting to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Poisoncrafting to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Pottery to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Research to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Smithing to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Tailoring to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Deliver 1 Artisan's Seal of Tinkering to Lebounde ab Dolmen
  • Speak with the Artisan
  • Obtain the Transmutation Case
  • Combine your earrings in the Transmutation Case
  • Deliver your melded Treasure to the Artisan

At this point, you need to obtain 12 Artisan’s Seals, one for each Tradeskill including Alchemy, Make Poison and Tinkering.

You can collaborate with other players to obtain the seals, you do not need to complete the Supplies tasks yourself.

To obtain the supplies quests, say ‘work’ to Lebounde ab Dolmen.

He will offer to you each Tradeskill Supplies quest for which you have a minimum 300 unmodified skill and a full evolved (7/7) Prophecy of Ro Tradeskill trophy.
NOTE: Other Tradeskill modifiers do not work, you must have a full evolved PoR trophy to be offered the supplies quest for each tradeskill.

After handing the 12 Artisan’s Seals to Lebounde, you get the step to speak with the Artisan.

You say, 'Hail, Lebounde ab Dolmen'

Lebounde ab Dolmen nods approvingly, 'Yeh proven t' be a true craftsman, very well. Head back t' meh house, just south of Shanis' place. On meh table yeh'll find a small box. If luck's on yer side and yeh got a steady hand yeh should be able t' meld t'gether yer Solstice Earring, Taldarius' Signet, and Eron's Jewelry. Head back t' meh after yeh succeed.' He pauses, 'Well... If yeh succeed.'

Your task 'The Artisan's Prize' has been updated.

The next step in the task appears. Run to /waypoint 494, 262, 6 and click on the door.

You place your hand on the door and instantly find yourself inside.

Click on the hammer on the box to the left of the bed to obtain the Transmutation Case.

You dig through the various objects on the artisan's table and recover a small ornate box.

Your task 'The Artisan's Prize' has been updated.

Place the Earring of the Solstice, Eron’s Jewelry and the Signet inside the container and combine. You may fail, but the three items are returned on failure. Keep combing until you succeed.

Your task 'The Artisan's Prize' has been updated.

You have fashioned the items together to create an unexpected product: Expensive Mistake

The next step in the task appears, return to Lebounde ab Dolmen and hand him the Expensive Mistake.

You offered 1 Expensive Mistake to Lebounde ab Dolmen.

Lebounde ab Dolmen holds up the mangled mass of gems and leaves that was once your prized treasures. He inspects the mass carefully and then looks at you, then looks back at it, then back at you. He breathes heavily and begins chuckling before looking back at the mass again and erupting in uproarious laughter. He places the tangled mess in his pocket and wipes a tear from his eye before calming himself enough to speak, 'My god, Soandso. What a mess yeh made! Truth be told, I dinnae really expect anyone else t' be able t' make use of that finicky little box. Yeh gave it yer best try and I respect yeh for it, fine enough work t' earn somethin' at least. Maybe with this yeh be less likely to mess up yer next project.'

Your task 'The Artisan's Prize' has been updated.

The artisan reaches into his bag and pulls out a small shining trinket that resembles what you might imagine a proper melding of your former pieces of jewelry would have looked like. He presents it to you and smiles, 'May it bring yeh good fortune.'

You have been given: Artisan's Prize

You complete the trade with Lebounde ab Dolmen.

You have completed achievement: The Artisan's Prize

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